READING: Tonight I’ll be finishing Enola Holmes and the Black Barouche – a surprise follow-up to 2010’s conclusion of the Enola Holmes series. Sherlock and Mycroft’s younger sister can hold her own against her brothers! I first discovered these books years ago (the first came out in 2006) during a day where I was home sick in bed; they’re the perfect escapist reads. Easy and quick, but highly entertaining. With the Netflix series, I suppose there was renewed interest, thus this latest book, no complaints here!

WATCHING: Lately, shows haven’t been much of a priority apart from being used as background noise. Law & Order and Bones have been keeping me company during the workday.

LISTENING TO: Podcasts have been my go-tos lately, with The Daily, Fresh Air, and NYT’s Book Review on heavy rotation. A highlight of my week is always Wednesday’s episode of Office Ladies!

LOVING: Meal subscriptions! After MUCH hemming and hawing I finally took the plunge with Hello Fresh – the menus all look fantastic. I’ll be getting my first box in a few days and can’t wait!

LOOKING FORWARD TO: Maybe it’s me, but I haven’t been taking any time off; WFH life is so relaxing and quiet that I honestly never think of it. HOWEVER! I’m sitting on quite a bit of vacation time and I know summers/end of the year tend to get hit hard, so I decided to start taking a day here and there – I’m taking a long weekend next week and am thrilled! Also, our tiny book club is getting together for the first time since February 2020 next weekend!!!! SO EXCITED.

EATING: I could have saved Hello Fresh for this one! Technically I haven’t eaten this *yet* but earlier in the week I won a giveaway for a variety pack of salads from a local business and am honestly a bit more delighted and giddy than anyone should be to win salad. AND this weekend is both Picklesburgh and Vegfest here in Pittsburgh – lots of good eats this week!

WEARING: Because of rain, the past few days have been gloomy and gray – and a little cooler temperature-wise. I’ve broken out some of my sweaters and boots and ahhh, gimme all the fall vibes please and thank you.

ENJOYING: Honestly, just this week period. I wouldn’t have thoughts so on Monday, but this week was full of wins for me.

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