Sunday Things.

• Have you ever purchased anything through a Facebook ad? Normally I totally ignore them, but this time I couldn’t resist. I am obsessed with my new Love Thy Neighbor sweatshirt from The Happy Givers!

• Grand Central Publishing is hosting a The Heir Affair read-a-long on Facebook! It’s open to the public – go join! – with discussions taking place from July 20-31.

• Back in March at the start of our lockdown, I shared what I was watching on youtube (and eesh it didn’t age too well, hello there, Bon Appetit). There’s another channel I’ve been coming back to: Absolute History. They have several series, from running an Edwardian farm to inventions that shook the world. Originally I put an episode on just for background noise…and ended up watching the show instead of what I planned on doing! I’ve been binging their Victorian Pharmacy episodes and they’re so fascinating!

• Still in a Victorian mood, I ended up doing a deep-dive on Queen Victoria’s wiki page and clicking around from link to link, from her children to their children to various ruling houses of Europe. Nerd alert, but I can lose hours on Wikipedia!

• A day after announcing they would be opening to the public, my library reversed their decision and I don’t blame them one bit. (Honestly, I would have stuck with curbside pick-up and their e-catalog if they did decide to move forward.) What’s exciting now is that they’re doing interlibrary loans! They had put those on hold these past few months and now it’s back and I am THRILLED! I might have gone a little request happy this week, whoops!

• Via NPR: an interview with the (former Dixie) Chicks. I couldn’t be happier that they’re back!!

Joanna Cole, author of The Magic School Bus has passed away.

Smithsonian scholars reflect on the legacy of Civil Rights icon John Lewis

• Y’all, I am craving sweater weather. These temps in the 90s have me longing for chilly, foggy mornings spent on the porch sinking into good reads.

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