what’s making me happy this week 7/28

New feature alert! Inspired by an old feature of mine (the saturday six) and What’s Making Us Happy This Week, a segment on Pop Culture Happy Hour where they share anything making them happy from comedy specials to youtube videos, every Saturday I’ll be sharing a few things that’s making ME happy. Feel free to share what made you smile this week!

THERE’S TALK OF A FRASIER REBOOT!!!! I was at work when I first found out about this and legit shrieked. Frasier is my absolute favorite show ever and – perfect timing, Matt and I are currently binging the series on Netflix! (It only seemed fitting after we finished Cheers!) I could end the post right here, that’s how happy this news made me ♥

• In other exciting television news, Deadwood is coming back!! …as a tv movie, but still!

• In last week’s wrap-up I mentioned having an absurd amount of bananas and that I made banana pecan pancakes. So delicious and I’ve been on a banana pecan pancake kick ever since!

The Librarian and the Astrophysicist.

• I’m currently reading Love From Boy, a collection of letters Roald Dahl wrote to his mother, spanning from when he was 9 and away at school through adulthood. Unbeknownst to Roald, his mother kept every single letter he ever wrote – over 600 in all!

• Can I say FRASIER REBOOT again, because seriously.

2 thoughts on “what’s making me happy this week 7/28

  1. […] • MISSED SOMETHING THIS WEEK? Rosie Walsh’s fantastic debut, Ghosted, completely captivated me. A couple fall madly in love over the course of a week, then he vanishes. No phone calls, no texts, he doesn’t even reply to her facebook messages. Though Sarah’s friends think she needs to forget about Eddie and move on, she’s absolutely convinced there’s a reason. There was a twist in this one I wasn’t expecting at all! I also shared what’s making me happy this week! […]

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