what’s making me happy this week: 7/7

New feature alert! Inspired by an old feature of mine (the saturday six) and What’s Making Us Happy This Week, a segment on Pop Culture Happy Hour where they share anything making them happy from comedy specials to youtube videos, every Saturday I’ll be sharing a few things that’s making ME happy. Feel free to share what made you smile this week!

My mom adopted a dog! There’s a Pittsburgh shelter where I adopted Baylor and whenever they share photos of their adoptable pets I always share them. WELL! Imagine my surprise when, out of the blue, my mom brought home a Jack Russell mix puppy. I got to meet him a few nights ago and he’s as sweet as can be ♥

• According to science, 4 cups of coffee a day is the perfect amount.

• This one pot summer vegetable skillet lasagna is calling my name (and so are these blueberry lemon pancakes)!

• Back in 2016 I shared a few podcasts I loved (I desperately need to make an updated list!). One of those mentioned was You Must Remember This, a podcast that explores the first century of Hollywood. This week it returned for a new season and I couldn’t be more excited! Seriously, this show is the highlight of my Tuesdays! Also, another podcast I love, Science Friday, recently shared their science reading picks for summer + their beach reads. As a nonfic lover, my ears were perked!

• I guess this is more of a what’s making me sad, but if you’ve been following along these past few months, you know Matt and I have been watching Cheers for the first time. This week we reached the final season!!

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