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It’s time for another edition of recently added! Lately I’ve been going through publisher catalogs, meaning a few of the more recent posts have featured upcoming titles, rather than spreading some backlist love. But I’m thrilled to say there’s one backlist title included in this one – and I’m definitely hoping to track down a copy!

The Phantom Lover by Elizabeth Mansfield
My last book read in May was Lady Elizabeth’s Comet, a Regency novel from the 80s that I fell absolutely head over heels for! In that story, a 28-year-old woman is considered far past marrying age, but that’s perfectly fine; Elizabeth has no time for men and would much rather follow her life’s dream of discovering a comet, thank you very much. I loved that book and have been on something on an old school romance kick ever since. I was instantly intrigued when I came across The Phantom Lover: Nell travels to Thorndene Castle to flee a man and falls for a ghost. Okay, I’m guessing the ‘ghost’ isn’t actually a spirit haunting the castle, though I would give the book MAJOR points if that were the case!

A Willing Murder by Jude Deveraux | September 18, 2018
Despite having several of Jude’s books on my To Read list, I’ve only read one: The Girl from Summer Hill, a Jane Austen retelling (you know I love those even though I have never read a single Austen novel eek!) and one of my Top Reads of 2016! So yeah, I really need to read more of her books and this upcoming mystery sounds great! Sara Medlar has sold millions of books and is basically one of the names in romance. Bored with retirement, she decided to venture back home and get to work breathing life back into an old mansion she loved as a child. Sara’s estranged niece also happens to move back to town after accepting a position sure to jumpstart her career. When two skeletons are discovered, Sara and Kate, along with one of Sara’s houseguests, Jack – the summary doesn’t exactly specify who he is, someone helping remodel the mansion?? – team up to get to the bottom of their town’s past.

The Dark Descent of Elizabeth Frankenstein by Kiersten White | September 25, 2018
Let’s be real: that cover immediately caught my eye. Kinda gross, but perfect for a Frankenstein retelling! I’m extremely curious about this one, all the more once I read some reviews stating this one is more on the historical side than fantasy. The early reviews are positively glowing. This one already has almost a 4.5 rating and there are still three more months until its release! UM WHILE TYPING THIS I FOUND OUT ABOUT THE BUFFY SPIN-OFF SERIES COMING OUT IN JANUARY!! Okay, Slayer, I need you. (Also, so many Elizabeths in this post!)

Not the Duke’s Darling by Elizabeth Hoyt | December 18, 2018
Not gonna lie, I almost didn’t include this one because a cover doesn’t seem to exist without that bonus story sticker. BUT my historical romance loving heart can’t wait for it, so here we are. Freya is a number of things: the daughter of disgraced nobility, in a secret order of Wise Women, and living under an assumed name. But what she is NOT is forgiving. When she attends a party and sees the Duke of Harlowe, aka the man responsible for ruining her family, she vows then and there to get revenge. I already love her. Though he’s being blackmailed and forced to attend the party in order for his secrets to remain hidden, the moment Christopher sees Freya he realizes his troubles have only begun. Yessss!!

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