weekly wrap-up 6/10

• Yesterday Matt and I spent hours driving around – one of our favorite things to do! Saturdays are Cars & Coffee days (I posted my favorite car there in my IG stories) and afterwards, we just took off, picking random turns and exploring towns. We stopped at a new (to us) cafe and wound up in my hometown at a tiny – and I mean TINY – bakery we love, Two Fat Guys and an Oven.

Bees understand the concept of zero. VERY cool!

• We binged Safe the other day, even though Dexter-with-a-British-accent weirded us out ha. But Harlan Coben is brilliant and we were hooked! What are you watching??

• It’s a rainy, stormy day here in Pittsburgh – the perfect day for staying in and reading. Last night I finished Save the Date (more on that below!) and now I’m in that limbo land between books.

MISSED SOMETHING THIS WEEK? I shared the June releases I need to get my hands on. So far, I’ve already read one, have another currently waiting for my at the library, and two others on hold.

I was so excited for Murder at the Mansion, the first in Sheila Connolly’s newest series. When a woman returns to her hometown to help breathe life back into it, things take a sharp turn after a body (her arch nemesis from high school) is discovered. While the mystery was intriguing, Kate’s character was awful. I shared a LOT of quotes in this one.

Save the Date by Morgan Matson
The Grants are back together for one last hurrah in their childhood home before it’s sold. Unfortunately, absolutely NOTHING is going right for Linnie’s wedding: the wedding planner is charged with embezzlement, a dry cleaner mix-up leaves the groom with a purple suit, the band only does Journey covers, and they have a loaner dog for the weekend. Though this one was a teensy bit long, I tore through it and adored this family. Why hasn’t anyone told me to read her books before?! I’ll be sharing my review soon! Thank you, Simon Schuster Books for Young Readers!

Baby Teeth by Zoje Stage
This fun promo package came in the mail and I now have FOUR review copies of this book! Giveaway anyone?? Murderous, evil little girls always make for a good story. Thank you, St. Martin’s Press!

Property of the Rebel Librarian by Allison Varnes
When parents label a library book as inappropriate, one student takes matters into her own hands. 12-year-old June notices a Little Free Library on her walk home from school one day…and soon the banned books begin appearing, along with June’s own banned book library run out of her school locker. Thank you, Random House Books for Young Readers!

Rules of the Ruff by Heidi Lang
Two dog walker-themed reads! This Middle Grade novel follows Jessie, alone at her aunt’s for the summer until she convinces the cranky Wes to take her on as a dog walker apprentice. Things are going great until a rival dog walker moves into town. Thank you, Abrams!

Life on the Leash by Victoria Schade
I first mentioned this one back in April in a recently added post. The only man dog walker Cora needs is her rescue Pit. All of that changes with a gorgeous – though, sadly, taken – new client. Luckily Cora’s best friend is always there to lend a shoulder to cry on…though could there be something more to her friendship with Eli? There’s also mention of an audition for a television show and I’m expecting this one to be the PERFECT summer read. Thank you, Gallery Books!

The Simple Wild by K.A. Tucker
I love her, I love her books. Nothing more needs to be said ♥. (Though this one features the Alaskan wilderness and a budding relationship with a rugged pilot, um yes please). Thank you, Atria!

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