June 2018 releases I need to get my hands on!

Dreams of Falling by Karen White | June 5, 2018
What can I say? It’s a new Karen White, it takes place in the South, and there’s a 50-year old secret. Um yes please.

Save the Date by Morgan Matson | June 5, 2018
And I’m already cheating! I literally (as in yesterday), received this one in the mail and raced through the other book I was in the middle of! Charlie’s sister is getting married this weekend and it’ll be the first time all four of her older siblings have been home together in years. Charlie is determined to make this one last hurrah before the house is sold, one last weekend filled with laughter and memories…and so far it’s been a complete disaster. Relatives aren’t speaking, her brother brings his brand-new (and horrible) girlfriend, the wedding band will only play covers.

I’m a little ashamed to say this, but I have never read a Morgan Matson book. I knooow. SO many bloggers and friends adore her and I’m thrilled to finally get to know her work!

Breakout by Kate Messner | June 5, 2018
I unfortunately totally forgot I had a netgalley copy until it was archived. Whoops. I raced to my library’s site and immediately put in a request. Nora is looking forward to her summer vacation in Wolf Creek..until two inmates escape from a maximum security prison. This one is told through comics, news articles, and texts and it sounds great!

The Royal Art of Poison by Eleanor Herman | June 12, 2018
While most bloggers know Eleanor from her YA Blood of Gods and Royals series, I’m more interest in her nonfiction. Sex with Kings and Sex with the Queen were consistent sellers back in my bookseller days. I typically don’t review the trivia/pop-sci/pop-history books I read, but I’m a HUGE fan of them. This one sounds like a book written for me!

The Love Letter by Rachel Hauck | June 12, 2018
Hamilton Lightfoot is tasked with an excruciating decision: fight for the British Crown or join his fellow colonists. After witnessing the red coats mercilessly slay his family, Hamilton writes a letter to his beloved. Esther, the daughter of a loyalist working for a British Lord, is also torn: does she remain loyal to her father or choose Hamilton? Centuries later, Chloe is the daughter of Hollywood royalty, though her great roles tend to be death scenes. Desperate to get her big break, she takes on a role in a Revolutionary War piece. Jesse moves to LA to make a new start, trying his hand at screenwriting after discovering old family letters.

So there’s a lot going on here and I am so ready for it.

Bring Me Back by B.A. Paris
I’ll admit, I’m a little hesitant to dive into this one. Behind Closed Doors was one of my favorite books of 2016. 2017’s The Breakdown, however, was a giant letdown. Still, I’m intrigued: while on vacation, Finn and Layla stop at a gas station. Finn runs in, but when he comes out, Layla is gone. Nowhere to be seen. Ten years later, Finn is engaged to Layla’s sister, their shared grief brought them together. Just before they’re to be married, Finn receives a phone call: someone has seen Layla. Could she still be alive after all these years? Just what happened the day she went missing?

Sail Away by Celia Imrie | June 19, 2018
Suzy Marshall was the star of a massively popular 1980s TV series. Since the show ended, however, the phone calls slowed, the job offers ceased. When her agent calls with a role – one that would have her traveling to Zurich – she readily agrees, only to have the play be abruptly canceled with Suzy forced to take a job on a cruise ship in order to get home. With the purchase of a new apartment having fallen through, Amanda is in limbo. That is, until she sees an ad for a cruise. Three weeks on the water seems to be just the thing to get her away from her worries.

Two of our good friends from Matt’s Cars and Coffee meet-ups are HUGE cruise fans. Though Matt and I have never been, we’ve gotten the bug from listening to their stories and the moment I saw this book I knew it was one I wanted to read. Easy, breezy chick-lit is perfect for lazy summer days.

Takedown by Laura Shovan | June 19, 2018
A girl who loves wrestling. I mean, what else needs to be said??

The Race to Save the Romanovs by Helen Rappaport | June 26, 2018
I’ve been on the waitlist for this one since my library first announced an order for it. I love Helen and her books and will read anything she writes about the Romanovs. Also, maybe it’s time for me to finally update my Romanov reading list?? (That one is four years old – eek!)

Playing with Matches by Hannah Orenstein | June 26, 2018
Sasha seems to have it made: she’s got a great apartment with her bestie, a recent journalism degree, and a gorgeous fiance. When her dream career falls through, however, she lands a gig as a matchmaker for New York’s elite. Though Sasha’s inexperienced at matchmaking, she jumps in headfirst, never batting an eye as the pages-long boyfriend requirements or the career-driven professional who wanted a family years ago. She’s able to help her clients find true love just like she has, but then Jonathan betrays her. …and Sasha’s life quickly spirals out of control, and right into the arms of a man she had previously set up with one of her clients.

Yep, another fluffy, fun romance. This one already has some fantastic reviews!

Between You and Me by Susan Wiggs | June 26, 2018
An Amish community is rocked to its core and that’s all I needed to know about this one! Caleb is bound by a deathbed promise to take care of his niece and nephew. Disaster strikes and suddenly Caleb finds himself in a world of high-tech medicine. The blurb mentions a clash of cultures played out in a courtroom and I’ve even more curious about this one!

The Cabin at the End of the World by Paul Tremblay | June 26, 2018
Seven-year-old Wen and her parents are vacationing in a remote cabin surrounded by the woods where their closest neighbor is two miles down a dirt road. One day when Wen is outside playing, a man appears, telling her none of what happens is her fault, and that, though her parents won’t allow the man and his friends inside the cabin, Wen needs to help them save the world.

Stephen King is a big fan of Tremblay’s and that’s good enough for me! I really enjoyed his 2015 novel, A Head Full of Ghosts, and this apocalyptic tale sounds like it’ll be intense and downright chilling.

9 thoughts on “June 2018 releases I need to get my hands on!

  1. I have never read Morgan Matson, either! But I am looking forward to Save the Date, it looks so cute! I’m also looking forward to Dreams of Falling, Playing with Matches, and The Cabin at the End of the World.

  2. YES to the Morgan Matson! I read Since You’ve Been Gone a couple of summers ago (audiobooked it and that was an amazing experience that I’d definitely recommend). Can’t wait to read about your thoughts on the book – I just saw its release announcement on twitter and I’m eager to get my hands on it as well!

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