weekly wrap-up 6/3

• When I began typing this post, I realized my May recap somehow didn’t go live yesterday like it was supposed to, so that’s how my Sunday is going so far! Really though, the pups and I were up before 6 and out the door for a nice walk. Fingers crossed they’ll both take long naps!

• We spent Memorial Day back in my hometown and took a ride over to a animal park! I hadn’t been there in years and kind of went overboard with the pictures on my IG stories #notsorry.

• Have you heard of Sips by? It’s a personalized tea subscription box and while I definitely prefer coffee to tea, I won’t say no to a cup. Even better is I scored a box for just $10. I’m not sure when I’ll received my box, but be sure to check back for a review.

MISSED SOMETHING THIS WEEK? My May 2018 recap was meant to post yesterday, but instead went up just before this one today. whoops.

Writer, Sailor, Soldier, Spy: Ernest Hemingway’s Secret Adventures, 1935-1961 by Nicholas Reynolds
YES to everything about this book. Thank you, William Morrow!

California Summer by Anita Hughes
After learning of her husband’s affair, a Hollywood producer leaves LA to start over. There are two recipes at the end of this one: one for guac, the other for fish tacos, and I am VERY intrigued. Though I don’t know much about this book, it sounds like such a beachy, summer read! Thank you, St. Martin’s Griffin!

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