May 2018 recap


• What a month! Our neighborhood hardware store/garden center (the same place where I met Matt 7 years ago!!) was holding a cutest pet contest and Matt entered Nacho. We were neck and neck with another pet but in the end lost to someone who didn’t play fair so. Speaking of Nacho, May saw the one-year anniversary of the day we brought him home!

• My family always celebrates Mother’s Day by during the Race for the Cure. It’s something I look forward to every year, though this year was a bit rainy. Still, there’s nothing like Mother’s Day brunch! haha, probably not the best time to experiment with new recipes, but my avocado hummus was a huge hit!

Royal wedding, anyone?? You better believe I was up at 4:30 in the morning!

• No lie, the highlight of my month was just a few days ago when I was driving home from work and pulled over to help a turtle cross the road.

• We celebrated Memorial Day back in my hometown with a trip to a fantastic animal park. I shared tons of photos on my IG stories! It’s been years since I had been there and we always a great time.

• I read 12 books in May, 2 on audio (Stephen King’s Stationary Bike and Agatha Christie’s After the Funeral), 10 print/e-books. Both The Hidden Side and What Would Dolly Do? were among my favorites read last month, but May ended on such a high note: Sheila Simonson’s Lady Elizabeth’s Comet. This historical romance was first released in 1985 and I savored every page. Elizabeth is 28 and happily unwed, thank you very much. She has no time for men and her life’s mission is to find a comet. Yes, yes, and yes. The banter is hilarious and witty, the characters – from the main to the minor – are all excellent. I was devastated to see it end.


TOTAL BRAVERY BY PIPER J. DRAKE was my introduction to the True Heroes series and I can’t wait to go back for more! Raul is the newest Search and Protect recruit and he has one doozy of a first day. A panicked call from his friend’s sister soon has him in the midst of an international kidnapping ring. And there are puppies.

THE HIDDEN SIDE BY HEIDI CHIAVAROLI was one of my most anticipated releases of 2018 after falling heads over heels for her phenomenal debut last year. This new book proves she’s not a one hit wonder: I’m STILL thinking about these characters. The Hidden Side bounces between New York in 1776 and the present day, as one woman learns her husband was a spy while another woman deals with the repercussions of her son’s horrific act. A diary links these two storylines and I truly can’t say enough about this one. So good.

THE BOY FROM TOMORROW BY CAMILLE DEANGELIS was a quiet surprise. I went in expecting a fun, time travelly Middle Grade romp and instead found myself faced with an incredibly mature, heartfelt novel. Josie and Alec live in the same house, but a century apart. They learn they’re able to communicate and as their friendship blossomed, so did the unasked questions: obviously Josie is not around in Alec’s present. Does she want to know how she passed away? Does she want to know what became of her life, her sister’s? There’s also a surprising abuse subplot that I wasn’t expecting and the ending was so bittersweet.

AFTERMATH BY KELLEY ARMSTRONG was the second of two school shooting novels I read in May and wow. Three years ago Skye’s brother Luka was shot. Not by another student, however, but by the police. Luka was one of a group of shooters and that day changed Skye’s life forever. Back home against her will, Skye’s one again in the same town, the same community as those who were there or lost someone That Day. While I really don’t want school shootings to become a trend in fiction, this one was an incredible readable, engaging novel and I adore Kelley SO much.

MAY’S MINI REVIEW ROUND-UP highlighted six books. Rhode Montijo’s adorable Middle Grade series, Gumazing Gum Girl follows Gabby Gomez and her love of bubblegum. When one particularly massive bubble leaves her covered in gum, Gabby discovers she has some pretty awesome powers. Super cute and yay for the bits of Spanish thrown in! Kitty Curran and Larissa Zageris’s My Lady’s Choosing sounded like a blast: a historical romance choose your own adventure novel. Sadly, I only read through one story, but was pleasantly surprised by the outcome (instead of landing the Scottish captain, I decided to venture off on my own and become a spy). Lily Anderson’s Undead Girl Gang broke my heart – and not in a good way. I featured this in my list of May releases I couldn’t wait to read and was totally letdown. Lastly, Lauren Marino’s What Would Dolly Do? was an absolute delight. Who doesn’t love Dolly Parton??







3 thoughts on “May 2018 recap

  1. Yep, I totally watched the royal wedding, too! Didn’t get up quite that early, but watched the whole ceremony and carriage ride!

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