weekly wrap-up 5/27

• Can every weekend be a three-day weekend? Yesterday was Cars & Coffee – I shared a few photos to my IG stories, but Matt wasn’t feeling well so we left pretty early. Apart from that, it’s been a nonstop blur of cookouts – even when I took my car to the dealership for an oil change yesterday, there was someone firing up the grill!

• I’m not a huge shopper and haven’t treated myself to anything new for a few months, but there are some incredible sales going on this weekend and I miiight have bought a few things! Have you found any amazing sales??

• Earlier this week was the anniversary of the day we brought Nacho home and :( :( where did my little puppy go???

MISSED SOMETHING THIS WEEK? Aftermath by Kelley Armstrong was the second of two school shooting books I’ve recently read and while I hope this doesn’t become a Thing, I really enjoyed both of them. I’ll pretty much read anything Kelley writes at this point.

I also shared May’s mini reviews for the books I read this month but never got around to discussing. There’s a Dolly Parton advice book (loved), undead girls, a fun Middle Grade comic series, and more!

The Dream Daughter by Diane Chamberlain
Much like Kelley Armstrong, I will read ANYTHING Diane Chamberlain writes. Although this won’t be released until October, I have a feeling I’ll be reading it will before then. This one has been shelved on GoodReads as time travel so I am VERY curious – it’s 1970 and Caroline’s world is shattered when she learns her unborn baby girl has a heart defect and there’s nothing the doctors can do. Her brother-in-law, however, feels otherwise. Although Hunter appeared seemingly out of nowhere a few years ago, no friends and family to speak out, he was welcomed with open arms into the family and now his news will upend every belief Caroline has ever had. Um yes, there is no way I’ll be waiting until October to read this. Thank you, St. Martin’s Press!


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