READING Heidi Chiavaroli’s latest, The Hidden Side! I mentioned it in last week’s post on May releases I can’t wait to read – her 2017 debut was one of my most absolute favorite books of the year and I was thrilled to received an ARC of her newest! I’m a good chunk of the way through and it’s another fantastic read.

WATCHING I’m not sure if I mentioned this or not – Matt and I have been watching Cheers for the first time and we’re loooving it!! We’ve been tearing through the season and are currently on season 9!

LISTENING I’m about to start Yaa Gyasi’s Homegoing on audio. Please tell me I’m not the only person who hasn’t yet read this one!! Podcast-wise, I recently discovered Jamie Ivey‘s The Happy Hour, a Christian podcast that features Jamie and a guest simply chatting for an hour. Her guests are bloggers, authors, celebrities, activists, and the episodes honestly feel like I’m sitting around having coffee with friends. I started with the Candace Cameron Bure episode and instantly fell in love. I’m also crazy excited about season 2 of The Bible Binge! It premiered this past Sunday and yessss!!

THINKING TGIF seriously. It was a short work week for me, but even with an extra day off it felt ten time longer than normal. Between a new client coming on board, helping to set up newer employees with access to different programs, and having had someone out a week for surgery has kept me busy, busy, busy and I couldn’t be happier to say hello to the weekend. Also, it’s been raining and thunderstorming and if you know me, you know NOTHING makes me happier than storms!

ANTICIPATING The weekend! For both good and ehhhh reasons. The good: tomorrow is not only Cars & Coffee but it’s also a local spring festival and I’m pretty excited! I really need to get some plants for the yard. Then Sunday is Mother’s Day and my family has been doing the Race for the Cure for YEARS. The not-nearly-as-exciting part is we recently switched cell/internet/cable providers and Monday a guy is coming to hook everything up. Matt and I will both be here for that (aka Matt will be with him while I’ll be hiding in a room with the pups lol). So basically any free time this weekend will be spent cleaning.

DRINKING I was doing a grocery run one day and, just like books, I’m a total sucker for interesting packaging. I saw a line of new coffee called 1850 with vintage, old timey blends like Pioneer and Lantern Glow. It had my name written all over it and without a second thought I grabbed a bag. WELL. Joke’s on me, turns out it’s a new line from Folgers (which I love) that’s targeted at millennials. To be honest, as much as I love regular Folgers, this new brand is…not my thing. Lately my coffee has been more creamer than coffee ha. This millennial is not a fan.


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