weekly wrap-up 5/6

• Our local hardware/garden center does cutest pet contests every once in a while where prizes are gift cards. Matt entered Nacho and – I don’t want to jinx it – but so far he’s winning!!

• On Halloween I bought a new car and while I like it, I really loved my previous one. I kept checking the dealership’s site to see if it was still there and the day it wasn’t I might have cried a little. I always figured I’d see it on the road some day (it’s extremely distinctive) but haven’t yet and last night Matt was talking to a guy from his Cars & Coffee meet-ups when a girl the guy is friends with jumped into the conversation. She just happened to post a photo of “her new baby” …aka my old car. Not gonna lie, I cried. Again.

MISSED SOMETHING THIS WEEK? On twitter I mentioned that if you read one thriller this year, make it Lisa Jewell’s Then She Was Gone. Wow. Just…wow. Ten years ago Ellie vanished without a trace. Now her mother Laurel is finally beginning to move on and, after Ellie’s disappearance destroyed Laurel’s marriage, Laurel has met a charming, incredibly good-looking man. When she meets his youngest daughter, however, she’s shocked by how much Poppy looks like Ellie. How? Why? Is it simply a trick her grieving mind is playing on her or is there more to Ellie’s disappearance? When I reached the final page I sobbed.

I shared my April 2018 recap. While the beginning of the month was kind of blah as far as reading goes, things got better by the end!

I also shared the books of May I can’t wait to read! Any of these on your To Read list??

Hidden Among the Stars by Melanie Dobson
1938, Hitler is sweeping across Europe. Austrian Max Dornbach has been helping his Jewish friends hide their most valuable possessions by hiding them away at his family’s summer estate. Eighty years later, a blogger/bookseller comes across a strange list in an old edition of Bambi. A list that connects her to an old castle and hidden treasure. I hadn’t heard of this one until it showed up at my door and ohhhh man does it sound like the book for me! Thank you, Tyndale!

Total Bravery by Piper J. Drake
I’ve already started this one and am loving it. Raul is the newest recruit at Search and Protect. While he hasn’t quite hit it off with the others, he’s already formed a fierce bond with his German Shepard partner Taz. One day he receives a call from a friend’s sister – she’s being followed by a group of men who aren’t at all concerned about standing out in a crowd with their fancy suits while the rest of the Hawaiian population is a bit more laid back. Little does Raul know his first mission will have him squaring off against an international kidnapping ring. REALLY enjoying this one so far!! Thank you, Forever!

The Witch of Willow Hall by Hester Fox
It’s the tagline on the cover that really sealed the deal for me: Two centuries after the Salem Witch Trials there’s still one witch left in Massachusetts but she doesn’t even know it. This one seems to bounce between 1821 and the present day and I am ready. Thank you, Graydon House!

Sadie by Courtney Summers
THE YA book of 2018. Inspired by Serial, this novel follows Sadie, a girl determined to track down her sister’s killer. A radio host overhears Sadie’s story and launches a podcast, tracking her journey and trying to figure out what happened. I’m already seeing rave reviews and am so excited about this one! Thank you, Wednesday Books!

Vox by Christina Dalcher
A few weeks ago I talked about this one in a recently added post and now it’s miiiine!!! On average, people speak around 16,000 words a day. In Vox, women have been almost totally silenced: now only permitted a vocabulary of a mere 100 words. With the language goes their ability to hold jobs, soon girls are no longer taught to read and write. Dr. Jean McClellan refuses to accept this new America and makes the ultimate decision for herself, her daughter, for every woman silenced: she will reclaim her voice. Thank you, Berkley!


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