Bomb cyclone? More like binge cyclone.

While winter storms and crazy low temperatures rocked the East Coast this past week, my first thought was bread, milk, books haha! Seriously, Pittsburgh might have skipped the snow, but the windchill was no joke; a few days ago I shared a screenshot of my weather app on instagram – the windchill was a whopping -18°! Friday it was -12° and the morning news compared it to the temperature in three other places: Anchorage, Alaska was 15°, Antarctica was 42°, and MARS was -11°! It was colder at my house than on Mars, y’all.

Blisteringly cold weather and snowstorms are the PERFECT excuse to stay nice and toasty inside and sink into a series, right? This morning I have 5 series to binge during this ~bomb cyclone~. For more series, head over to a two-part post I shared back in 2016: series to read this winter: ADULT + series to read this winter: YA. Also check out six fantasy series that have been on my shelves for FAR too long.

Maggie Hopy Mystery by Susan Elia MacNeal

Mr. Churchill’s Secretary has been on my shelves for an embarrassingly long time: July of 2014! And not just my GoodReads shelves, nope, I found a super cheap copy of the first book ages ago and, despite glowing reviews from good friends, it (and the rest of the series) has remained unread – though it practically screams my name. Maggie Hope is an American-born math genius with a knack for code-breaking. Spies, WWII, London, foiling assassins’ nefarious plans! How excellent does this series sound?? There are currently 7 books out with the 8th set to release this summer!

Back in 2013 I shared two mini reviews in my post on comfort reads when you’re sick. One of those mini reviews was for a Goosebumps book – my very first time reading any in the series! There’s nothing like a slipping into a childhood favorite (or, in my case, books that would have been favorites if I actually read them as a child lol). Enter Lloyd Alexander. I distinctly remember the first time I came across one of his books: I was browsing the library shelves at school and, though I don’t remember the exact book, I do remember reading his name and instantly becoming intrigued. Over 15 years later his books still catch my eye. The Book of Three kicks off this 5-book series, first published in the 60s. Based on Welsh mythology, this series tells the tale of an assistant pig-keeper who dreams of becoming a hero.

Amelia Peabody by Elizabeth Peters

Set in the 1880s, this historical mystery series follows 32-year-old self-proclaimed spinster, Amelia Peabody, as she takes a sizable inheritance and follows her passion: running off to Egypt to become an archaeologist. Naturally she encounters danger, priceless artifacts, mummies, a murder or two.. Following Peters’ death in 2014, Joan Hess took up the reins and finished what is the final book in the series, 2017’s The Painted Queen. I am a huge fan of cozies and this series sounds like SO much fun!

Farseer Trilogy by Robin Hobb

Robin Hobb’s novels have recently seen a huge resurgence and rightly so! This trilogy from the 90s is another classic fantasy series – and I’m sure the GRRM blurb doesn’t hurt! Fitz is the illegitimate son of a prince and essentially raised by the stable hands. He’s viewed as an outcast by the royals – except for King Shrewd who has secretly been training Fitz in assassinry. There’s magic, war, political intrigue, this series has it all.

Opposites Attract by Erin Nicholas

Though I think the best books to read in the winter are mysteries, sometimes I just want a fluffy romance. And this series sounds great! The first book, Completely Yours, instantly won me over with its summary: a female graphic designer lives a quiet life and enjoys meeting up with her online friends – until one disastrous encounter brings her face-to-face with Zach, a gorgeous EMT. The second book is about a cop-turned-martial arts teacher and a doctor who learns he has a nine-year-old daughter…after she winds up at his door. Book three features the male lead as the cop who swoops in to save an actress when the community theater catches fire. So fluffy, so good, just what you need when there’s a blizzard outside.

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