weekly wrap-up 12/31

• Christmas was wonderfully quiet, just the family. Then it was back to work for another blessedly short week (though once more full of extra-long days). To say I’m popped is an understatement and, honestly, my New Years plans involve cozy slippers, a book, and in bed long before midnight.

• I finally put together my part 2 of Top Reads of 2017 – check back tomorrow!! What were YOUR favorite books this year??

MISSED SOMETHING THIS WEEK? Just one, my third Tackling the TBR read, Never Caught by Erica Armstrong Dunbar. It’s the true story of Ona Judge, a slave owned by George Washington and the night she escaped. So, SO good.

Things I Never Told You by Beth K. Vogt
Ten years ago Payton’s twin died in an accident and since then, she’s been carving a new identity, one where she’s not part of a pair. Now a successful party planner, Payton shies away from anything that reminds her of her past – including her family. With the announcement of her sister’s engagement, Payton finds herself thrust back into a world she’s not entirely ready to revisit as old wounds reopen. I’ve had EXCELLENT luck with my last few Tyndale reads and this one sounds promising! Thank you, Tyndale!

The Hidden Side by Heidi Chiavaroli
No lie, I SHRIEKED when this arrived at my door. I fell hard for Heidi’s debut (you miiight see it pop back up again tomorrow in my Top Reads of 2017 list!) and couldn’t be more excited about this new novel! New York, 1776, Nathan Hale is hanged as a spy. His fiance is invited into the spy ring and she sees it as an opportunity to avenge his death. New York, 2016, Natalie is a popular radio host who offers advice to callers, but has a personal life that’s falling apart. I loooved Freedom’s Ring and expect amazing things from The Hidden Side! Thank you, Tyndale!


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