weekly wrap-up 12/24

And just like that, we have a nine-month-old!! (Unsurprisingly, Nacho had a starring role in my #bestnine, but his big sister was featured too ♥…and so was my new welcome mat??).

• I took a break from the blog this week to power through work (a short week that held a lot of overtime – one of our clients decided to roll out a new feature, because of course that’s what you do just before Christmas hahaha) and get ready for the holidays. We turned two of our spare bedrooms into offices for me and Matt and right now I have all of the presents hiding in mine. Does someone want to come wrap them for me tyvm.

• Have you watched Bright yet? Will Smith movies are always a good time and Matt and I have been itching for Netflix to finally release this one!

• I’m currently finishing my third Tackling the TBR read and, wow. It’s good, as in a spot on my Top Reads of 2017 good.

Other People’s House by Abbi Waxman
Earlier in the year I inhaled Abbi’s debut, The Garden of Small Beginnings (and loved it so much it made it onto my Top Reads of 2017 part 1 list!). Naturally when I heard Abbi had a new one in the works I was thrilled! Other People’s Houses is a novel about four families and an affair that sends their tiny community into a tailspin. I know, I know, that premise isn’t exactly the most original, but already the reviews are glowing – this doesn’t release until April – and, after having read her debut, I have total confidence in Abbi’s ability to write a phenomenal story. Thank you, Berkley!

Kasey & Ivy by Alison Hughes
When Kasey’s seemingly run-of-the-mill bruise doesn’t fade, her parents take her to the hospital and are dealt a shocking blow: Kasey’s summer will be spent in the hospital. More specifically, the geriatric ward. To help pass the time, she writes letters to her best friend, chronicling her unexpected summer vacation. Thank you, Orca!

The Phantom Tree by Nicola Cornick
I loved House of Shadows and am SO looking forward to The Phantom Tree! While browsing antique shops, Alison comes across a painting of Anne Boleyn, though she knows the true subject is Mary Seymour. How? Because she was there at Wolf Hall with Mary…five centuries earlier in 1557. Thank you, Graydon House!

The Favorite Sister by Jessica Knoll
Back in 2015, Knoll’s debut Luckiest Girl Alive made my Top Reads list. I’m beyond thrilled she’s back with her next book! Goal Diggers is a reality show focused on five highly successful women. There’s the fan favorite; the first African-American cast member; the woman written off as someone who only achieved success because of her sister; the one who seems to be loving and inclusive on-screen, but turns ruthless once the cameras are off; and the one with a drinking problem. The show instantly took off and became a hit, but the producers never expected the season would end in murder. AAAHHH YESSSS. Thank you, Simon & Schuster!


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