weekly wrap-up 12/3

• I had a wonderfully short week thanks to Matt’s birthday. Only two days of work and an extra long weekend? I’ll take it! My sister also celebrated her birthday this week so it’s been a giant party these past few days.

• One of my favorite online shops shared a recipe on IG yesterday for cookies and lol I’m planning on whipping up a batch. I realized this wasn’t the first time a shop inspired me to bake: back in September I made apple spice scones with caramel glaze after the owner of one of my local favs, Bellwether, whipped up a batch of cranberry orange scones!

• Last night I began watching a series I had in my Prime watchlist for a while, only to discover it wasn’t quite what I thought. I assumed it was entirely set in the Victorian era (a psychologist and his photographer wife move back to his country home and become entangled in a number of supernatural events) only to realize there’s some weird time thing going on.. In the first episode the MC looked in the sky and saw an airplane (I wrote it off as a total goof), but then at the end of the episode, he’s hearing creaks at night and when he opens a door he sees a woman with an ipad. I’m 4 episodes in now (out of 6) and still not completely sure what to make of it and it’s even more frustrating because I just learned the show wasn’t renewed for a second season. There’s no way they’ll be able to finish the story – AND explain all the modern stuff – in 2 episodes. GIVE ME YOUR RECS! What are you watching right now??

MISSED SOMETHING THIS WEEK? Terry Pratchett’s Mort was the first read in my Tackling the TBR project and it was a ton of fun, though it didn’t have the belly laughs I had been hoping for. Still, I’m thrilled I finally experienced a Discworld novel and I immediately added book 2 to my to read list…which kind of defeats the purpose of this project hahaha

I shared my November 2017 recap!

After a year of some pretty lackluster releases, Joanna Schaffhausen appears with The Vanishing Season, a wickedly intense thriller about a woman who was the sole survivor of a serial killer 14 years ago. She’s now living under a new name in a new town and works as a cop – she’s convinced a string of missing persons cases are related (and possibly tied to her past) she can’t get anyone on the force to believe her…until she receives a gruesome gift. I loved this one.


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