2017 books I need to get my hands on part 2: sci-fi/fantasy!

Back in January I spent a week sharing the 2017 novels from the first half of the year that I couldn’t wait to read (non-fiction, sci-fi/fantasy, contemporary, historical, and mystery/suspense). This week I’ll be sharing the novels from September-December that have me all starry-eyed, beginning with historical fiction and mystery/suspense. Today we’re looking at sci-fi/fantasy!

The Glass Town Game by Catherynne M. Valente | September 5, 2017
The Brontë siblings – yes, those Brontës – have devised an enchanted world known as Glass Town. In Glass Town, brave toy soldiers battle Napoleon’s fierce army and no one ever dies. Glass Town has always been just a game…until one day when the four board a train and are whisked away to the real Glass Town, only it’s not quite the one they had created. This Glass Town’s Napoleon has a real world weapon – how will the Brontës make it back home alive?

Odd & True by Cat Winters | September 12, 2017
A monster-slaying mother, a magician’s curse. For Od, these were tales to tell Tru, but now that she’s older, Tru wonders if there was less truth to them, that they were instead a way to keep Tru’s mind off her body: disabled from childhood polio. When Od suddenly returns after a two year absence, her suitcase full of strange weapons, the two take off in search of their mother – only to find a nightmarish beast.

Warcross by Marie Lu | September 12, 2017
A WOW-type game has taken the world by storm. Emika is a teenage hacker and makes her living as a bounty hunter, uncovering those who are illegally betting on the game. When Emika needs to make some quick cash, she hacks the opening game of the Warcross Championships…and finds herself accidentally in the middle of the action. Instead of being arrested, however, Emika receives an offer from Warcross’s creator: he needs a spy on the inside.

Invictus by Ryan Graudin | September 26, 2017
Okay, so I’m not quite sure what this one is all about, apart from time-travel – including a heist on the sinking Titanic (!!!), but that’s enough for me! Also, we’ve had Ryan as a HistoricalFix guest and she’s so, so awesome.

An Enchantment of Ravens by Margaret Rogerson | September 26, 2017
Isobel is an artist with a dangerous clientele: the fairy folk. When Rook, the autumn prince, commissions a portrait, Isobel sets to work, only one tiny mistake could cost Rook his life. Furious, he banishes Isobel to the autmnlands to stand trial, but a run-in with ghostly hounds and cursed monsters leaves Isobel faced with a sacrifice of her own.

That Inevitable Victorian Thing by E.K. Johnston | October 3, 2017
Okay, let’s be real here – that gorgeous, gorgeous cover is what initially caught my eye. This one sounds kind of Steampunk-y – the British Empire is still going strong and there are genetically-arranged marriages. That cover though.

The Hollow Girl by Hillary Monahan | October 10, 2017
Bethan comes from a clan of Welsh Romanies where she apprentices under a healer. Her days are quiet and simple, though she’s carrying a secret: the chieftain’s son has been harassing her. One night he brutally assaults Bethan and her friend, and when Bethan asks the healer to help Martyn, she’s told it’s possible, but it would come at a hefty price – eyes, fingers – and Bethan knows exactly where to collect these ingredients.

Berserker by Emmy Laybourne | October 10, 2017
NORSE GODS, Y’ALL. I’m also super intrigued by one particular line from the blurb: The siblings must leave Norway for the American frontier or risk being brought to justice. Norse gods meets the Wild West? I am SO there.

Race to the Bottom of the Sea by Lindsay Eagar | October 10, 2017
A brilliant young inventor harbors terrible guilt. Fidelia’s parents, both scientists, tragically lost their lives in a submarine accident…the submarine that Fidelia built. One morning she’s kidnapped by a ferocious pirate, tasked with devising a way to retrieve treasure on the bottom of the sea.

La Belle Sauvage by Philip Pullman | October 19, 2017
Remember when I mentioned I’ve never read The Golden Compass? Yeah, I really have no right including this one lol but maybe this is the push I need to finally read it! I’m thiiinking this is a prequel?

The Afterlife of Holly Chase by Cynthia Hand | October 24, 2017
Five years ago Holly was visited by three ghosts who tried to make her see the error of her ways and change her life. …only, she didn’t and then she died. Now Holly is stuck as the latest Ghost of Christmas Past, forever miserable as she watches her family move on. This year, though, Holly is determined to change everything.

Rosemarked by Livia Blackburne | November 7, 2017
A healer falls victim to a deadly plague, a soldier is seeking revenge. I’m not quite sure how, but the two are thrust together when a threat descends upon their village. This one boasts a slow-burn romance and fantasy with a political bent!

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