2017 books I need to get my hands on part 2: historical fiction!

Back in January I spent a week sharing the 2017 novels from the first half of the year that I couldn’t wait to read (non-fiction, sci-fi/fantasy, contemporary, historical, and mystery/suspense). This week I’ll be sharing the novels from September-December that have me all starry-eyed, beginning with historical fiction!

Murder, Magic, and What We Wore by Kelly Jones | September 19, 2017
London, 1818. Annis has just learned of her father’s death and that his fortune has gone missing and so she does what any other well-off 16-year-old would do: she becomes a spy. She had long suspected her father was a spy himself, but the London spymasters seem to have no interest in taking on a young lady, despite Annis’s talent for sewing magical glamours that completely disguises the wearer. With that, Annis decides to take matters into her own hands by leading a double-life: a demure, sophisticated, quiet life in the country, and that of a glamour artist and business woman as she opens her own magical dressmaking shop, all the while working in secret to track down her father’s killers.

Suspect Red by L.M. Elliott | September 19, 2017
It’s 1953, the height of the Cold War, and the United States government has just executed a couple convicted of being Soviet spies. Blacklists and political profiling have taken the country by storm, and caught up in it all is Richard, a boy whose father works for the FBI. Richard is a patriot through and through, but when a Czechoslovakian family moves in next door, the lines between friend and foe become blurred. What has me really interested in this one is that, scattered throughout the novel, are actual headlines, photos, and newspaper ads from that era.

The Good People by Hannah Kent | September 19, 2017
This one is based on true events that occurred in nineteenth century Ireland! Three woman band together to take care of a child who has essentially been outcasted by a highly superstitious community. Micheál can neither walk nor talk and his grandmother Nora has been caring for him with the held of a young maid Mary. When rumor start spreading that Micheál is not a child but a changeling, the two women reach out to Nance, an elderly woman knowledgeable in the magic and curses of the old ways.

The Scotsman Who Saved Me by Hannah Howell | September 26, 2017
Emily Stanton’s family has been brutally attacked and she’s been left for dead…until Iain MacEnroy discovers her in the woods and vows to protect her. The only problem? Emily is a highborn, English lady – she has no business keeping company with a Scot. For Iain, Emily’s accent is a painful reminder of the oppression he left behind. Historical romance is totally my guilty pleasure #sorrynotsorry.

The Stolen Marriage by Diane Chamberlain | October 3, 2017
Back in May I flailed over this one in a recently added post and I’m still bouncing with excitement. Diane is magnificent, although I’m convinced she’s determined to absolutely crush my heart. This new novel is set in 1944, where Tess shockingly ends her engagement to the love of her life to marry a stranger and move to a tiny town in North Carolina. Though Hickory is small, it’s rife with racial tension and those struggling with the hardships of WWII. While the townspeople seem to adore her husband, Tess finds herself branded an outsider and the one held responsible for the death of a prominent man. As polio sweeps through the community, Tess finds work as a nurse, finding solace in comforting her patients while, at home, her stranger of a husband, begins to become more and more mysterious by the day.

Wilde in Love by Eloisa James | October 31, 2017
Last October I fell hard for historical romance and it was all to do Eloisa. Naturally news of a new novel immediately had me get all grabby-hands. This new series focuses on a large and eccentric family, beginning with Lord Alaric Wilde. As the son of the Duke of Lindow, Alaric has become something of a celebrity, though he isn’t aware of his status until he returns home from his time spent abroad. When his boat is met by a crowd of screaming, swooning women, Alaric escapes to his father’s castle…where he meets Miss Willa Ffynche. Willa is passionate about books and loves raunchy jokes, though only her closet friends know that. To the rest of the world, she’s a charming and serene young lady – and wants nothing to do with Alaric, a man whose private life graces newspapers. Alaric, however, is determined to make Willa his own.

The Glamorous Dead by Suzanne Gates | October 31, 2017
Part historical, part mystery, this one is set in the 1940s where a human thumb is discovered in a Hollywood nightclub. Penny instantly recognizes the polish – only her best friend Rosemary wears that shade of pink – and quickly the rest of Rosemary’s body is uncovered. Rosemary was destined for stardom and was a favorite on the Paramount lot. When an LAPD detective pegs Penny as his prime suspect, Penny finds an ally in an unlikely woman: Barbara Stanwyck. You all know I love historicals that feature real figures and the added bonus of a murder mystery has me counting down the days until The Glamorous Dead‘s release!

The Sisters of Glass Ferry by Kim Michele Richardson | November 28, 2017
If there’s one thing I love more than dark family secrets, it’s novels that span decades. This one takes place in Glass Ferry, Kentucky, known for its bourbon. Flannery’s daddy’s bourbon was hailed as the best in the state and she’s the only person he entrusted with his secret techniques. That’s not the only secrets Flannery holds, however. On the night of prom, Flannery’s twin sister Patsy disappears along with her date and, each year on their birthday, Flannery’s mother bakes a special cake, convinced this will be the year Patsy returns home. Two decades later, however, Patsy is still missing and the murky Kentucky River finally offers up a clue.

Enchantress of Numbers by Jennifer Chiaverini | December 5, 2017
A novel about Ada Lovelace, y’all! As the only legitimate child of Lord Byron, Ada’s mother took over her daughter’s education, doing away with fanciful fairy-tales and instead focusing on science and math. When Ada makes her debut into London society, she discovers the intellectual and literary circles she’s been craving and meets people who will transform her life.

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