weekly wrap-up 7/23

• Nacho is 4 months old!!

• This week was a nightmare at work. A Big Deal guy from one of our clients was visiting and wanted to have a meeting with our team. Cue WEEKS of stress leading up to the day. Thankfully months ago I randomly took a day off earlier in the week, making last week a 4-day work week and I definitely needed it.

• Matt and I are super late to The Man in the High Castle but started (and finished) the first season over the past two days. Have you ever read the book? I’m extremely curious about it now!

MISSED SOMETHING THIS WEEK? Just one review and it was a dud. Patricia Forde’s The List sounded like a really intriguing Middle Grade: a dystopian society where the only words allowed are those on a government-approved list. Sadly, I had way too hard of a time getting past the baffling logistics of this new world (which only takes place a decade or two in the future!) and couldn’t make sense of things.

Wish You Were Here by Renee Carlino
I shrieked when I opened this package, no lie. This New Adult novel is about a woman, Charlotte, who’s basically adrift in life: her tiny apartment and waitressing gig aren’t what she had envisioned. Then she meets Adam and over the course of one night, a night seemingly pulled straight from a romcom, she feels an instant connection. …only for Adam to give her the cold shoulder the next morning. Months later, Charlotte still can’t tear her thoughts from him and decides to find out exactly what went wrong their one night together. Thank you, Atria!

The Address by Fiona Davis
Back in May, I highlighted this one in a recently added post and am SO excited that I received a copy! Bouncing between the 1880s and 1980s, The Address is set in one of New York’s most famous houses. A chance encounter changes a housekeeper’s life forever when she’s given the opportunity to move to America and become a female manager of The Dakota. A century later, a former party girl is determined to get her life back on track and accepts a renovation job from her cousin..the cousin set to inherit a vast fortune. I LOVE past/present novels and can’t wait to dive into this one. Thank you, Dutton!

The Luster of Lost Things by Sophie Chen Keller
Magical Realism, y’all. A boy with a speech disorder that leaves him silent. A bakery where marzipan dragons breathe actual fire. An overweight Golden Retriever. This sounds lovely and potentially heartbreaking??? Thank you, Putnam!


4 thoughts on “weekly wrap-up 7/23

  1. I’ve read the book–it’s just ok. It’s very different from the show and this was a case where I love the show much more than the book

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