weekly wrap-up 7/9

• I went to a few cookouts last week and had a great time – the best part? When my cousin began doodling ‘tattoos’ on everyone! We weren’t allowed to look as she was drawing and I love how mine turned out ♥

• AAAHHHH tomorrow a third bestie begins working with me! Four of us will be together again and I couldn’t be more excited!

• This week’s wrap-up is another quick one: today will be jam-packed for me. Do you have any fun plans for today???

MISSED SOMETHING THIS WEEK? While I wasn’t a huge fan of Laura Dave’s Eight Hundred Grapes, I was pleasantly surprised with her latest novel, Hello, Sunshine! Sunshine Mackenzie is a vlogger-turned-bestselling author-turned-Food Network star…only to have it all ripped away when someone hacks her twitter account and lets the world in on a few secrets Sunny has been keeping.

I shared my Top Reads for the first half of 2017! I feel like releases this year have been pretty blah. Either they’re just okay or they’re a total letdown. There were a few titles that really stuck out to me though – what are some of YOUR favorite reads of the year??


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