weekly wrap-up 7/2

• I haven’t been mentioning the food trucks lately!! If you’re new to the blog, my company brings in a new food truck for lunch every week and they’ve all been fantastic. This week though…oh my. Mac and Gold is all about macaroni and cheese! Seriously, check out their instagram. Prosciutto & Artichoke with spinach and crumbled feta, buffalo chicken, chorizo with roasted corn and red peppers. DELICIOUS! I went for the plain mac, but got steamed broccoli and mushrooms on it and the portion I got lasted three meals.

• My mom is hosting a cookout this afternoon and I’m making vegan banana-peach ice cream (and my go-to Thai cucumber noodle bowl – they actually requested it!!) I haven’t made ice cream, vegan or regular, before, so I’m a little nervous, but I’ll be posting my progress on instagram!

MISSED SOMETHING THIS WEEK? I had never heard of Liora Blake before Second Chance Season arrived at my door and now I need to buy ALL of her books! Though this one is the second in a series, the first book follows a different couple, so it can easily be read on its own. A rich city girl, a country boy, I loved every second of this book.

I shared four mini reviews for books I read (or listened to) in June. A new release from a favorite author was a dud, what seemed like a fun beach read was awful, an older YA was a great take on time travel, and one of my most anticipated nonfiction reads of the year was excellent!

I also shared my June recap. Bookwise, there were some really wonderful reads…and several that were just plain bad. I also had some exciting things happen last month, so overall, it was a great June!

The Orphan of Florence by Jeanne Kalogridis
Set in the world of the Medicis? I’m already sold! Giulia has been living on the streets of Florence for years, making a living as a pickpocket until the day a man catches her in the act. A business proposition is the last thing she expects, especially one that involves espionage and murder. Okay, I’m a little surprised by the murder aspect – the cover seems to be all historical and swoony romance, but I’ll go with it! Thank you, St. Martin’s Griffin!


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