June 2017 recap!


• I took a much needed staycation though haaa it wasn’t all that relaxing since we spent it beginning to work on training Nacho (who btw recently turned 3 months old ♥)!

• Two more of my besties (and former coworkers) have been hired by my company, so now there will be four of us back together again and I am so, so excited! Even though we aren’t able to chat much throughout the day, just knowing I have buddies in the same building is such a great feeling :)

• I’ve been making this vegan Thai cucumber noodle bowl a lot this month. It’s super quick and easy to whip together and incredibly filling – plus it makes a TON, so it’s great for leftovers/lunches!

• Matt has this photo of Nacho sitting on his desk at work. All the office ladies adore our pups and one actually made a copy to stick on her own desk hahaha!

• One final photo of Nacho (and I’m a terrible dogmama because I clearly have forgotten all about Bay): #porchlife.


GRIEF COTTAGE BY GAIL GODWIN wasn’t the ghost story I expected it to be (the blurb specifically mentions the ghost of a young boy and built that aspect up to seem like a much larger part of the book), but it was deliciously broody and moody and that cover is SO perfect. I’ll admit this isn’t a story for everyone however: there is very little action; Grief Cottage is all character exploration and day-to-day life, but I loved it.

MAD BY CHLOE ESPOSITO was a total surprise. One woman, just fired from her job and thrown out of her apartment, is asked to visit her twin sister at her sister’s sprawling Italian villa. While there, Alvie not only assumes Beth’s identity, but realizes she’s in deep with the mafia. Mad is exactly that – totally bonkers – but it makes for an excellent beach read and I’m looking forward to the next book!

THE BREAKDOWN BY B.A. PARIS was my most anticipated read of the year…and my biggest letdown. I almost abandoned it I was so disappointed. The writing was so juvenile, the twists nonexistent, Paris even wrote out the last few chapters entirely in texts. Ugh.

SECOND CHANCE SEASON BY LIORA BLAKE will definitely make another appearance on the blog when I do a round up of my favorite books of the year! Though this is the second book in Blake’s Grand Valley series, the stories follow different couples so I had no problem following along. A rich city girl, a country boy, I loved every second of this one and am dying for the next!

JUNE MINI REVIEW ROUND-UP was a mix of good and bad. One of my all-time favorite authors delivered a less than thrilling novel, a contemporary read sounded like it would have been a blast but fell short, a new nonfiction I’ve been wanting to get my hands on was EXCELLENT, and I was pleasantly surprised by a YA time travel novel.






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