GoodReads Recommends: based on…contemporary romance!

If you’re a long-time reader of the blog, you know that I love checking in your GoodReads’ recommendations page to see what suggestions they have for me. Be sure to check out past editions: YA Thrillers, Contemporary Thrillers, recommendations based on two favorite novels, which led to discovering a third favorite novel, recs based on a favorite author, and recommendations based on one of my TOP READS of 2016!

Today I’m featuring three suggestions for contemporary romance. I’m embarrassingly new to the romance genre – I spent years and years obsessing over mysteries and fantasies, but now I’m hooked!

About a Dog by Jenn McKinlay
I’m a big fan of Jenn’s Cupcake Bakery Mystery series and I’m definitely intrigued to see how she tackles romance! About a Dog is the first in a new series set in the town of bluff Point, Maine. Mackenzie fled her hometown after being stood up at her wedding – and later found comfort in the arms of her best friend’s brother. A BIG no-no. Seven years later that same best friend is having a wedding of her own and Mac’s back in town. Gavin, now the town vet, never let go of his feelings for Mac and when she happens to drop by his office with a stray puppy, he’s determined to not let her flee again. Look, it a book has a puppy in it, I’m sold. Especially when it looks like a brindle just like my girl!

When it’s Real by Erin Watt
I absolutely loved Paper Princess (and seriously need to get back into that series!) and was thrilled to hear there was a new, YA standalone! A teen heartthrob-slash-child movie star has developed something of a reputation and can’t seem to stay out of the tabloids. In order to give his image a much-needed makeover, he needs a girlfriend – and fast. Enter Vaughn. She’s the definitely of a good girl, from her status as devoted sister to her part-time waitressing gig, she’s exactly what Oakley needs and with what he’s paying, Vaughn can’t justify saying no. This one sounds super trope-y but I am SO there.

Alex, Approximately by Jenn Bennett
This one has been getting some SERIOUS love from bloggers and I’ll admit, I’m curious! It doesn’t hurt that it sounds crazy good: a classic movie fan has been online friends with a film geek known as Alex and, over time, Bailey has developed a crush on this mysterious boy. When she movies in with her dad – who just happens to live in the same California town as Alex – she begins to wonder if they should meet. What if he’s a creep? What if he’s not at all who he says he is? When she gets a job at a local museum, she has no idea that the aggravating security guard has a secret of his own. EEEEE, you already know how this one is going to end, but I’m a HUGE fan of hidden identities and I can see why so many readers are loving this one!

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