the saturday six.

Yep. James Patterson knows what he’s talking about – I agree 100%! My absolute favorite part of being a bookseller was when a kid could come in who clearly would have rather been anywhere else. The only books they ever read were ones required in school, you know the type. I would seriously make it my personal mission to really crack their brain and find the PERFECT book.

• OH. EM. GEE. These vegan pulled pork sandwiches look amazing.

• VERY interesting: the secret history of the girl detective!

• I miiiight have shrieked when I saw this: Roald Dahl was voted as the greatest storyteller of all time. OF ALL TIME. Take that, Shakespeare!

• So we all know about my not-so-secret obsession with bugs, right? Um, yeah, this is awesome. Scientists used high-speed cameras to see how ladybugs unfold their wings. There’s a video!

• ♥ 72-year-old love letter returned to WWII sailor


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