weekly wrap-up 5/7

• I love rain. Seriously, truly love it. haha we’re now in the rainy season in Pittsburgh and anytime I’m on facebook it’s just status after status of people complaining about the weather and wishing for the sun to shine. As much as I enjoy my runs, I could honestly be happy living somewhere where it stormed 24/7. I get so giddy whenever to forecast calls for thunder – tell me I’m not alone!! Maybe I love dreary weather so much because in my mind that’s the perfect time to curl up with a book? Or maybe I’m just completely bizarre.

• I’ve mentioned a few times that I’ve been in a reading rut these past few months and I think I’m finally getting over it! As always, I’m nerding out over nonfic: my audio listen is Holly Tucker’s City of Light, City of Poison, a true crime tale about the Sun King’s court, black magic, and a string of murder. GOOD TIMES! I’m also nearing the end of Cindy Anstey’s Duels and Deception, a super adorable YA. Getting past a slump doesn’t seem as daunting when you’ve got several fabulous callings calling your name (and I know exactly which I’m diving into next!)

MISSED SOMETHING THIS WEEK? I was a little surprised by my April 2017 recap – I got way more blogging and reading done than I guessed! The month was also full of emotional extremes (from a potential surgery for my pup to a home renovation project) and the same goes for the books I read. There were two 5-star reads in April…as well as a book so terrible I wouldn’t have bothered finishing if I hadn’t agreed to be part of the tour.

Abbi Waxman’s debut, The Garden of Small Beginnings was an absolute joy! Though the main character is a young, grieving widow, this novel is NOT a gloomy, depressing read. Quite the opposite – I legit laughed out loud several times! It reminded me of another debut I recently read, I Liked My Life, another novel that initially sounded like a heartbreaking read but was instead full of humor and warmth. I highly recommend both!

I shared three upcoming releases I recently added to my ever-growing TBR stacks. A favorite author has a new novel that has my name written all over it, a Middle Grade read that I’m sure will make me weepy, and a historical novel that sounds SO good!

In this week’s the saturday six there’s more Crayola news, I showed my morbid side by shrieking in delight over a serial killer, Rosa Parks had a pancake recipe that I need to make, and more!

I’ll See You in Paris by Michelle Gable
Last year I swooned over this one and was so excited to see it’s now out in paperback! Michelle is SUCH a gem and we’ve been lucky enough to snag her for a #HistoricalFix guest ♥! (Also, be sure to check back soon for my thoughts on her newest novel!!) As for I’ll See You in Paris, is inspired by a real figure from history (does she knew how to grab my attention or what?) and bounces between 2001 New York and 1970s England. It’s a truly wonderful read and if you haven’t already grabbed a copy of you own, now is the perfect time! Thank you, Thomas Dunne Books!

It Happens in the Hamptons by Holly Peterson
This book is everywhere in the blogosphere right now! I love a good upstairs/downstairs read and this one has been getting rave reviews already. A woman heads from her Oregon home to spend the summer in the Hamptons and finds herself mixing with the 1%-ers and the people hired to cater to their every command. I have a feeling this book and I will get along very wells. Thank you, William Morrow!


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