the saturday six.

• Four words: matcha mochi strawberry popsicles.

Last month I mentioned Crayola was retiring one of my favorite colors. Now they announced they’ve created a new blue. It’s SUPER bold and vibrant!

• Go hiking in Teddy Roosevelt’s footsteps!

• I legit shrieked when I heard this: the body of H. H. Holmes is going to be exhumed!!!!

• Some of Rosa Parks’ papers were recently discovered and among them? A fluffy pancake recipe which uses peanut butter as a secret ingredient. Oh, Ms. Parks, you get me and I will absolutely be trying this one soon!

• Young House Love recently discussed how they saved over $900 a year by cutting cable. When Matt and I first bought our house, cable was the first thing to go – neither of us are huge tv people and it was ridiculous to pay for hundreds of channels (and spend hundreds of dollars) when we watch the same handful of shows. We also got rid of the landline. Unfortunately, and YHL touched on a similar issue, we’re nestled in a valley and if you were to make a circle around the radius of the cell towers in our area, we’re juuuust outside them haaa. So, yeah, we had to shell out some cash for a network extender, but apart from that, we use Prime, Netflix, and the apps on our tv to watch shows now.


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