5 things I loved in April.

1. Modcloth’s Easy Buzz It earrings. Sadly, these are no longer available and I managed to snag them at a ridiculous sale price. These super tiny, oh so pretty earrings have been my go-to this month!

2. Willie 103.5 I grew up on 80s and 90s country and live for the throwback lunch hours and random requests for older songs. This new station plays only classic country and I. Am. In. Love.

3. Burt’s Bees Lip Crayons Although my sisters are both way into makeup, I don’t know the first thing about it apart from the basics. I don’t wear much of it and prefer lip balms to lipstick, but when I first saw these lip crayons on another blog, I decided to go for it – and I love it! It’s the perfect pop of color when I want a little something extra.

4. One of my friends joined my company! We used to work together until last year and she wasn’t happy at all with her job. When I found out my company was hiring I pretty much pounced on my group of girls and she was hired! Although I enjoyed it before, there’s nothing like working with a friend ♥

5. Just Mayo I recently tried Hampton Creek’s Chipotle vegan mayo and was completely won over! I’ve been using it on everything lately and couldn’t believe my eyes when I took a look at the rest of their line: wasabi mayo, sesame ginger mayo, a mayo called awesomesauce. Um yeah, I think I need them all in my life.


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