weekly wrap-up 4/9

• In last week’s the saturday six/weekly wrap-up I mentioned that we had received some bad news and that my pup needed surgery. WELL! Things are beginning to improve to the point where she might not need it and I couldn’t be happier! Nothing’s set in stone yet though, so we’ll go back to the vet one more time for a final decision!

• Ugh winter is trying its best to hang on: despite temperatures in the 70s (and nice long walks!) it randomly snowed a few days ago.

• Matt and I have started redoing one of the bathrooms in our house – and by started, I mean JUST began. I’m excited and overwhelmed but also can’t wait to see what happens…and a little terrified too! Hahaha we have no clue what we’re doing so this could be a total disaster with the entire house collapsing around us.

MISSED SOMETHING THIS WEEK? Jessica Strawser’s debut Almost Missed You was a wild ride that had me hooked from the first page. A couple has the perfect romance with a super sweet fate-had-a-hand-in-it story of how they met, were torn apart, and met again years later. A marriage and a baby later and things couldn’t be better…until Finn abandons Violet while they’re on vacation, taking their son with him. Soon the FBI are involved in the manhunt along with dark secrets that are threatening to be revealed.

My March 2017 recap was a mix of highs and lows: Matt and I got out a lot to see movies and plays…but we also first noticed something about our pup that worried us, leading to this whole possible surgery ordeal. Book-wise, my month was pretty great: out of the 7 novels reviewed, only one was a bit of a letdown!

This week’s the saturday six includes links for using tea and food to naturally dye eggs, old Hollywood, avocado ice cream, Disney, and more!

Duels and Deceptions by Cindy Anstey
Miss Lydia Whitfield already has her future planned out. As heiress to her family’s fortune, she’ll continue running the estate until marrying a man her father had chosen for her, then she’ll happily spend the rest of her days playing wife and mother. But just as a young law clerk begins drafting the marriage contract he’s kidnapped – and Lydia along with him! Despite the kidnapping bit (which you KNOW will serve as a way to bring Lydia and this young law clerk together) this book sounds absolutely adorable and look at the cover! SO cute. Thank you, Swoon Reads!

3 thoughts on “weekly wrap-up 4/9

  1. That’s such great news about your pup! Crossing my fingers the next visit goes well!

    My husband and I tore out the carpet in our basement and then we were both like, “now what?” Haha. The house is still standing though, and with the help of some good friends we now have shiny new flooring! :D

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