March 2017 recap


• Matt & I saw Logan and oh man it was good.

• In additional to movies, Matt and I also hit up my hometown playhouse! My cousin was in a production of Shrek Jr. and did a marvelous job! Hahaha, there’s one song (new to the play, since it definitely was not in the movie) that’s still stuck in my head.

• My mom’s birthday and the beginning of spring were definitely highlights of the month, but there were some major lows too: we found out my pup needed surgery. It won’t take place until later this month and we’re hoping for some good news before then :(

• I’ve been mentioning my company’s Food Truck Fridays any chance I get. A recent one involved vegan hot dogs. HOLY MOLY they were fantastic!


A BRIDGE ACROSS THE OCEAN BY SUSAN MEISSNER completely blew me away – and now has me craving more of Meissner’s work! Told through three voices (with a wonderfully unexpected fourth voice later on in the novel), this story tells the tale of two women fleeing their own troubles during WWII and the woman in the present who finds herself drawn into a mystery. Though there’s talk of a haunted ship, this one isn’t a paranormal novel, and the whole thing works. I highly, HIGHLY recommend this one!

NEVER LET YOU GO BY CHEVY STEVENS was another novel that had me captivated. An abusive ex recently released from prison, little things like keys being moved around, feeling watched, a new boyfriend threatened – this is a Leah novel! Be warned: I rambled on and on about this one. Not only did it remind me of one of my absolute favorite books of 2016, but there was also an aspect that made me angry. Put those two together and you’ve got a review that’s practically a book itself.

WHO KILLED CHRISTOPHER GOODMAN? BY ALLAN WOLF was an interesting read. Though this novel is fiction, it’s heavily inspired by a real crime that took place during the author’s childhood when a classmate was brutally murdered. While I certainly enjoyed this one (and really wanted to know just who did it!) I have to say I expected a little more.

GIRL IN DISGUISE BY GREER MACALLISTER was an absolute delight. This historical mystery follows the very real Kate Warne, the first female Pinkerton agent! So little is known about Kate, but Greer brought her to life beautifully – full of grit and guts and flaws. Though I did enjoy this one, it does NOT follow your typical mystery formula: this book is more a fictionalized biography as it follows several cases and Kate’s decade-long career with the Pinkertons.

MARCH’S MINI-REVIEW ROUND UP was mini itself: only two reviews. One, a Middle Grade comic, was fun though it’s something I feel an actual Middle Grade reader would enjoy more (lots of poop jokes). The other novel was one of my most anticipated releases, The Heartbeat of Wing Jones. Sadly, this YA just wasn’t for me. I wanted to know more about the terrible accident Wing’s brother caused and the aftermath, not watch Wing as she flirted with her brother’s best friend. Disappointing.

A DEATH BY ANY OTHER NAME BY TESSA ARLEN is the third novel in her Lady Montfort mystery series, but easily read as a standalone and would be the perfect intro to these books! England on the doorstep of WWI, a castle in the country, a mysterious death of a dinner guest. If there was ever a deliciously wonderful novel for a rainy day, it’s this one.






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