weekly wrap-up 4/2

• Super short, not-so-sweet version of the weekly wrap-up today! Happy April! Are you someone who loves pranks? I’m most definitely NOT, especially those sneaky, subtle ones. I should have known better, the two I fell for were done by companies and were both extremely believable (and one, done by a clothing company, was for something I would have actual bought soooo joke’s really on them, I guess?)

• Like I mentioned yesterday, if you follow my instagram stories you saw that, on Friday, we had to take Bay back to the vet (we were initially scheduled for a follow-up in May, but ended up getting a little worried) and now she has a surgery scheduled :(

• Because I’ve been a nervous wreck of a dogmama I really haven’t done much of anything this week apart from going to work (another IG story this week was one actually from work about reading Kelley Armstrong’s upcoming MissingSO GOOD GUYS).

• In last week’s wrap-up I received three books in the mail…and already read two of them. This is UNHEARD OF for me. The third one isn’t due out until August but it sounds so stinkin’ good that I just might have to sneak it in soon!

MISSED SOMETHING THIS WEEK? My March mini review round-up was pretty mini in itself: only two reviews. One, a Middle Grade graphic novel, was great, though it was one of those books that would be better enjoyed by actual Middle Graders. The other, one of my most anticipated releases, The Heartbeat of Wing Jones, fell short.

Although A Death by Any Other Name is the third book in Tessa Arlen’s Lady Montfort cozy mystery series, it easily read as a standalone and was a perfect intro for newcomers! In this novel, WWI is at England’s doorstep and that serves as a fantastic (and very moody) backdrop to a mysterious death at a castle. I really enjoyed this one and highly recommend it.

In this week’s the saturday six. I shared a recipe that has me swooning, sad news from Crayola, a puppy version of Shamrock Shakes, a tale of an old Hollywood romance, and more!


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