the saturday six.

• This speaks to me: a brief history of bagels.

• hahaha, unfortunate celebrity statues. Scary Lucy indeed. We have a Mr. Rogers statue downtown that’s been called lumpy..

BBQ roasted chickpeas um yes please

• If you follow me on instagram, you probably saw my IG story last night: my poor pup needs surgery! I’ll discuss it further in the next few weeks, but for now, I’m all about snuggles and cuddles and spoiling her rotten. One of my favorite (and Pittsburgh-based!) dog moms is Tori from Wear Wag Repeat. She recently posted a recipe for healthy shamrock shakes for you AND your pup and I’m thinking Bay might need a yummy minty treat.

• Did you hear the news? Crayola is retiring one of my favorites! :( :(

• Back in October I shared 4 podcasts on heavy rotation. One of those podcasts was You Must Remember This, dedicated to the first century of Hollywood. This bittersweet and all too short article on Clark Gable and Carole Lombard is right up my alley.

6 thoughts on “the saturday six.

  1. I heard that Crayola was getting rid of Dandelion, but I hadn’t seen any articles over it. How sad!
    Also, that brief history of bagels was hilariously informative. I was sitting here texting facts to my fiance about them.

  2. Thank you so much for including a link to my Shamrock Shake! Just because St. Patty’s is over doesn’t mean you can’t have one. They are soooo good! Enjoy!

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