weekly wrap-up 3/26

• I’m so in love with my new welcome mat ♥!

• One neat perk my company does is Food Truck Fridays. This week we had an AMAZING truck, Franktuary. Their vegan dog was delicious!!

• I’m still stuck in a rut with my reading – it’s taking me close to a week to finish a novel rather than the single-sitting I’m used to – BUT the weather is gorgeous and I’m hoping a nice change of scenery (aka sitting on my porch instead of curled under a blanket ha) will help. That, and, you know, I’ve received some incredible-sounding books lately!

MISSED SOMETHING THIS WEEK? I love Greer Macallister. She’s a regular at our #HistoricalFix chats and she just recently came out with a new book! Girl in Disguise hit all my buttons, especially using real historical figures as characters! I thought this book was great, though there were moments where the seriously lightning fast pace (the book follows Kate’s entire career as a Pinkerton agent) was a little jarring.

In this week’s the saturday six I discussed brussels sprout burgers, shared a video of Sesame Street characters quoting famous movies, I geeked out over clouds, got all starry-eyed over a newly-published F. Scott Fitzgerald story, and more!

A Death by Any Other Name by Tessa Arlen
I received an ARC of this one recently and was delighted when the beautiful hardcover arrived this week. This is the third novel in the Lady Montfort Mystery series and it’s a ton of fun! Or..as much fun as a novel about a murder can be! Set against the backdrop of Franz Ferdinand’s assassination, this novel focuses on the death of a guest at Hyde Castle. Despite no one else falling ill (apart from the pigs who ate the leftovers), the beloved cook was hastily sent packing, allegedly having poisoned the fish. Did she really do it or is there more to this story? I’m loving this series and this latest installment is no exception – check back next week for my review! Thank you, Minotaur!

Missing by Kelley Armstrong
No lie, I shrieked when this arrived. I will read anything Armstrong writes – she’s that great. Missing is about a girl who dreams of the day she leaves her go-nowhere town. Her best friend made it out, her sister made it out, soon it will be Winter’s chance to make a new start elsewhere. The one saving grace is the woods…or, it was, until Winter discovered someone had left Lennon to die, bleeding in a tree. With Lennon gone now too, Winter begins to question everything: did everyone really leave? What if they’re missing? EEEEEEE, YES! Thank you, Crown Books for Young Readers!

Freedom’s Ring by Heidi Chiavaroli
I hadn’t heard of this book until it showed up at my door and holy moly, it sounds like SUCH a Leah read. Bouncing between present day Boston and Boston in 1770, Freedom’s Ring follows two women: one who nearly lost her life in the Boston Marathon bombing and one employed by a British lieutenant. When Liberty’s brother is killed, she knows it’s time to flee the Redcoats. In the present, Annie is dealing with tremendous guilt: while she was able to walk away unscathed, the bombing left her niece crippled. There’s a ring that connects the two stories and I am so, so, SO looking forward to reading this one! Thank you, Tyndale!

The Child by Fiona Barton
Another shriek! Friona’s debut The Widow absolutely blew me away and, like Kelley Armstrong, I will read anything she writes now! During a demolition of a crumbling house in London, workers discover a small skeleton. As a journalist, Kate knows that, despite the horrific circumstances surround the poor child’s death, this is a story that will definitely get attention. When she digs deeper into the story, she uncovers a connection to a crime that sent shockwaves throughout the city decades earlier – a newborn was stolen from a hospital and was never found. Yessssss!!!! Thank you, Berkley!


3 thoughts on “weekly wrap-up 3/26

  1. Now I totally need to propose Food Truck Friday at work – what a great idea!

    I also love Kelley Armstrong – if she writes it, I will read it! I hope you enjoy Missing!

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