the saturday six.

• I love brussels sprouts and these brussels sprout falafel burgers with spicy sauce are SCREAMING my name!

• I hate articles like this one: 8 things the happiest couples do every morning. Hahaha, I guess Matt & I are doomed since we don’t gaze lovingly into each other’s eyes as we brush our teeth (ew). Sorry, therapist, being a happy couple does NOT mean waking up at the same time. I’m a total morning person, even on the weekends! I typically wake up around 5:30 or 6. Matt? SO not a morning person.

• As an insect nerd, this story had me all hearty-eyed: a couple, two entomologists in their 80s, have decided to donate their $10 million insect collection to Arizona State University!

• And for my fellow weather nerds: the International Cloud Atlas has just added a new cloud species and recognized 12 new cloud features!! According to the article, these are the first additions since 1951! SO COOL.

• Sesame Street characters quoting famous movies is excellent.

• This week The New Yorker published a new short story by F. Scott Fitzgerald!


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