weekly wrap-up 3/19

• Happy Sunday! Can we just go back to Friday night and do the weekend over again? I am not ready for Monday, y’all. #weekendmode forever.

• I posted photos in my IG stories, but we celebrated my mama’s birthday Friday night! ♥ Love you!

• Haaa I feel like I’m always talking about the weather in my wrap-ups but for real. Second winter is here. Pittsburgh was SO spoiled this year – record-breaking temperatures, hardly any snow – and now we’re paying for it.

Last week I talked about how I was (still!) listening to The Romanovs and, guys, I did NOT want to say goodbye! If you’re into Russian history, epic family sagas, biographies, or audiobooks, I highly recommend it!

MISSED SOMETHING THIS WEEK? Never Let You Go by Chevy Stevens had me glued to the page. Chevy pulled all the stops with this one: a man is released from jail and suddenly his ex-wife (who he had abused for years) notices things moving around her house, feels she’s being watched. He swears he doesn’t have anything to do with it and that he’s a changed man, but can she believe him? So, so good – though there was a character I just couldn’t get behind. Still, I absolutely recommend this one!

When Allan Wolf was a teen, a boy in his school was brutally murdered. Who Killed Christopher Goodman? is heavily inspired by that boy’s death. The novel is told through multiple characters – including the killer’s POV – and kept me hooked until the end, though it wasn’t nearly as engaging as I had hoped.

This week’s the saturday six. features bees (surprise, surprise), a television adaptation of one of my favorite novels, a recipe, podcast love, a slideshow of terrible decor trends, and more!


The Sisters of Blue Mountain by Karen Katchur
Hahaha I have a million copies of this book. I received an ARC from the author, another from the publisher, and now the hardback. Back in 2015 I read (and adored) Karen’s debut, The Secrets of Lake Road and am ridiculously excited for her new one! I mentioned it a few months ago when I discussed the mystery and suspense novels of 2017 that I couldn’t wait to read – a tiny Pennsylvanian town, hundreds of geese mysteriously die, a B&B owner has her life turned upside down when, not only does her estranged sister come back into her life and their father is the lead investigator in the geese incident, but a body is discovered on her property. This sounds bonkers and I am SO there. Thank you, St. Martin’s Press!

Foxlowe by Eleanor Wasserberg
A gothic novel about a utopian commune gone wrong OH YES. From the blurb: And we had Foxlowe, our home. Where we were free. There really was no reason for anyone to want to leave.. That right there makes me want to drop everything and dive in. I’m expecting some moody creepiness! Thank you, Penguin!

The Map That Leads to You by J.P. Monninger
I love when publicists reach out with books I’ve never heard of. I swear sometimes it’s like they know my taste better than I do. This one is definitely outside my typical thriller-type reads, but there was something about it that grabbed me: after graduating college, Heather and her friends go traveling around Europe. This is her last chance at freedom, the summer after school responsibilities and just before Real Life begins. What Heather never expected was Jack. Thank you, St. Martin’s Press!

Beyond the Wild River by Sarah Maine
This is another novel I couldn’t wait to get my hands on, so imagine my utter delight when I was invited to be part of the blog tour! Set in the 1890s, a Scottish heiress unexpectedly runs into a childhood friend in North America…five years after he disappeared from her family’s estate the night a brutal double murder took place. The Chicago World’s Fair is featured (home of America’s first serial killer!) and comparisons to both Kate Morton and Beatriz Williams. Yep, total Leah book! Thank you, Atria!

The Shadow Sister by Lucinda Riley
Another tour I’ll be participating in! The English countryside, British aristocracy, BEATRIX POTTER, clues to a journey that begins in an antiquarian bookshop. Yes, yes, yes. Thank you, Atria!


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