the saturday six.

• YUM. Linguine with Broccolini and Walnut Pesto.

• Earlier this week Cheerios announced their #BringBackTheBees campaign by giving away seeds. All you had to do was sign up on their site. The outpouring of support and interest was so extreme, they gave away 1.5 billion seeds before running out!

• One of my FAVORITE reads in the past few years is being turned into a television show!! AMC will air The Age of Miracles – and the production company is the same that did Stranger Things, so I am VERY confident in this one! My 5-star review

• #goals! A 70 year old woman ran a marathon on every continent in a single week.

• Fun! The worst decor trend from the year you were born…okay, so these are pretty terrible, but I feel by the 2000s, they were really reaching.

• Joy is after my heart: she recently listed her favorite true crime podcasts


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