the saturday six.

Raw chunky monkey banana cream pie holy moly yes.

• This month Buffy the Vampire Slayer turns 20 WHAT. This short but interesting piece highlights why the show’s most hated season is also its most important.

• I love me some podcasts – I highlighted four favorites a few months ago – and this list of eight vegan podcasts looks super neat! I love how it’s a total mix: there are some dedicated to cooking and recipes, one that focuses on running, some with in-depth interviews, there’s even one dedicated to lawyers discussing animal law cases!

• Earlier this week saw A Day Without Women and one Pittsburgh restaurant went so far as to give the seven women on staff (out of a total 11 employees!) a paid day off. VERY cool!

• I’m so so thrilled that a new indie theater just opened in my town! I haven’t been there yet, but it looks like it’ll be incredible: they’re currently showing Lion, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, Hidden Figures, 20th Century Women, and the French film Jules and Jim. They have advance tickets for Beauty and the Beast and I’m seriously considering seeing it there!! It also looks like each month they’re be highlighting a cultural film (for March it’s a Russian documentary on artistic treasures), Classic Tuesdays (TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD!!), and a family friendly film (they’ll be screening the entire Harry Potter series).

• I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: I have never read a single Jane Austen novel. Don’t hurt me! HOWEVER, I’m a total history nerd and couldn’t help but be intrigued when I came across this article suggesting arsenic might have been the cause of her death.


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