weekly wrap-up 3/5

• Yesterday Matt and I went to see Logan, the latest (and last nooo) Wolverine movie and man, nearly 3 hours of Hugh Jackman in various states of shirtlessness. I mean, I guess it was okay. (haaaa jk it was actually fantastic ♥)

• The entire winter it’s been so ridiculously warm (like, record-breaking temperatures warm), but OF COURSE the day my company set to start up Food Truck Friday again, it plummeted into the 20s. Wow. Thanks, Mother Nature. Here’s to hoping next Friday gets its act together!

• Even though my GoodReads goal says I’m ahead of schedule, I feel like I haven’t been doing ANY reading lately. Totally blaming the new job of that and am really hoping to finally get into my groove soon to where I don’t fall asleep the second I walk in the door ugh. I’ve been listening to a lot of audiobooks on my commute: Stephen King’s A Good Marriage, Daphne du Maurier’s The Birds, and John Steinbeck’s Of Mice and Men have all been recent reads. I never had to read Of Mice and Men in school (of ANY of Steinbeck’s work shockingly – the only other one I read was East of Eden which I picked up on my own and is one of my most absolute favorite books) and so sort of went in blind though I kind of knew something devastating was going to happen and when it did I was a mess. Of Puppy Deaths and Cruel, Horrible Men is a more appropriate title. A Good Marriage was just that: good, but then again, it’s King. I’m almost always guaranteed a fun, creepy, entertaining read when it comes to him! Surprisingly, it was The Birds that I enjoyed the least. I love full cast productions, but wasn’t at all prepared for how short it was: LESS THAN A HOUR! The moment it ended I honestly thought I missed something or a part of the audiobook didn’t download correctly. I do want to revisit this one, but in print. My current audio is The Romanovs: 1613-1918 by Simon Sebag Montefiore. This massive, 800-page saga starts at the very beginning and is SO detailed. While I’m loving the audio (42% done!) I think I would have such a hard time reading this one in print – the Russian names, the overload of facts, it’s all much easier to listen to.

MISSED SOMETHING THIS WEEK? My February mini review round-up was a mixed bag: Wintersong was one of my most anticipated novels of the year and it turned out to be a huge dud. I normally stay away from self-pubbed and indie authors, but There’s Something About Cornwall was excellent and I’m craving more of Daisy James’ work! The Good Daughter, sadly, wasn’t. Though the initial chapters were great and sucked me in, it quickly spiraled out of control and I knew from the start what the big reveal would be. Skip this one.

My February 2017 recap didn’t have much as far as reviews went, but non-book posts ruled the blog last month.

I shared four books that I recently added to my TBR list. A mix of old and upcoming, Middle Grade, mystery, contemporary. I want it all.

This week’s the saturday six featured Dr. Seuss, a vegan recipe, penguins, an old Hollywood feud, and more!

The Chilbury Ladies’ Choir by Jennifer Ryan
My dear, dear friend Ellice grabbed this one for me at ALA and I am SO excited to dive in! England has just entered WWII and with all the men gone, the women of Chilbury band together to keep their church choir (and spirits) going – despite the Vicar’s wishes. This is an epistolary novel told through journal entries and letters and it has my name written all over it! Thank you, Ellice ♥!!

The Gypsy Moth Summer by Julia Fierro
It’s the summer of ’92 and the gypsy moths have invaded Avalon Island. That summer the daughter of the island’s most prominent family returns home to move into the grandest estate – with her African-American husband and bi-racial children and the islanders have VERY different opinions about their arrival. There’s young love, outsiders, a troubled boy, revenge, this book seems to have it all and it’s been featured on pretty much every single BOOKS OF 2017 YOU NEED TO READ list! Thank you, St. Martin’s Press!


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