the saturday six.

• It was Dr. Seuss’ birthday earlier this week! He had the best quotes.

• UM YES PLEASE. Carrot zucchini squares with cashew maple frosting!!!

• This sounds awesome: a five-year project photographing the entire ceiling of the Sistine Chapel has recently been completed and compiled into a 3-volume book. Unfortunately, anyone who wants to see Michelangelo’s work up close will need to shell out some serious cash: $12,700!

• Matt and I are huge nature documentary nerds. BBC recently posted photos of all 17 species of penguins and I am in geek heaven.

• If penguins made my inner nature nerd happy, this makes the history buff AND book lover in me sing: the oldest letterpress type foundry in the US is still making fonts the way they did in 1915: with red hot metal. If you’re in San Francisco you can actually tour the building!

Feud premieres tomorrow and I am SO insanely excited! Before you watch the Bette Davis/Joan Crawford series, however, here are 11 of their movies you should check out!


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