February 2017 recap!


• I’m thrilled to say the new job is going great! There were some frustrating bumps initially – programs I was supposed to have access to/clearance for wouldn’t let me in, but things are ten times better now! THAT SAID, I’m still getting used to my new routine. It’s interesting: I was talking about it with my mom and mentioned how, a month later, I still come home exhausted (seriously, if I’m up past 9pm it’s a miracle). In my previous job my role was far more physically demanding and I was shocked at how I’m more worn out now than I ever was before. She said something that never crossed my mind. While my old job required more from me physically, this new one is far more mentally taxing. And it’s true!

• February is birthday central in my family: my niece turned 8, my sister turned 19, and my pup turned 3 ♥!

• My friends and I instituted board game night and, yeah, it’s pretty much the best.

• Pittsburgh has been seeing recording-breaking temperatures and Bay & I took full advantage!


I LIKED MY LIFE BY ABBY FABIASCHI was a total surprise. A seemingly happy mother commits suicide and her daughter and husband are left to pick up the pieces…but Maddy isn’t quite ready to move on just yet. What could have been a devastatingly heartbreaking novel turned out to be shockingly uplifting and I laughed far more than I ever expected to while reading a novel about grief and moving on! Plus Maddy is one of the three narrators (the other two are her teenage daughter Eve and her husband Brady) and even in death she was super sassy and hilarious. And she had a fantastic taste in music.

I SEE YOU BY CLARE MACKINTOSH featured a premise that could easily happen in real life: a woman goes about her day, not realizing her routine has been carefully noted…until it’s too late. When Zoe sees her photo in the paper accompanying an online dating ad she initially writes it off as a prank played by a friend. Then she begins to notice a pattern as more women begin appearing in the ads, women who end up becoming victims of violent crimes. While this one didn’t bring anything new to the genre I thought it was a ton of fun and highly entertaining!

FEBRUARY’S MINI REVIEW ROUND-UP highlighted one of my most anticipated novels of 2017 that turned out to be a MAJOR dud (the Labyrinth-inspired Wintersong), a really fun and fluffy contemporary romance about a food photographer and her disastrous assignment following a total diva-esque chef along the Cornish coast (There’s Something About Cornwall), and a mystery that started out well but fizzled out and actually made me forget all about it a mere two weeks after reading (The Good Daughter). Note: in my review of The Good Daughter, I mentioned several other novels (and linked to my reviews) that were FAR better and highly recommended! Read those books instead!







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