another 4 backlist bumps for recent reads!

In a recent edition of the saturday six I discussed backlist titles and that put me into an oldies mood! Today I’m sharing another 4 backlist bumps for recent reads – and I’ll be honest: this one was tough! Lately, the books I’ve been reading have been debuts!

Seaward by Susan Cooper
September 1983

This standalone seems to be a hidden gem, even among Cooper fans! West and Cally speak two different languages and come from different countries thousands of miles apart. What binds them together, however, is the shared tragedy of losing their parents. On top of that, the two find themselves being taken out of their reality and seemingly transported to a strange new world where the pair have to team up in order to survive.

Readers have said this book is much darker and has an older feel than Cooper’s The Dark is Rising novels and I’m intrigued!

RECENT READ Over Sea Under Stone. I came into this one as an adult and I’m a little disappointed I never read it as a child! That said, the audio was EXCELLENT and performed by the magnificent Alex Jennings.

Is This Tomorrow by Caroline Leavitt
May 2013

1956, the Cold War is looming over the land, striking fear into the hearts of millions. Ava is the single mother to 12-year-old Lewis, and their recent move to a Boston suburb has been less than ideal. However, Lewis quickly befriends two other fatherless children, Jimmy and Rose. ..then one day Jimmy goes missing. Years later, Lewis is an adult and still struggling with the trauma of losing his childhood friend. He’s unlucky in the romance department and can’t seem to stick a job, while Rose has become a teacher who’s determined to keep watch over her students because she still feels as though she failed her brother. Even Ava is slowly building a new life for herself. Everything changes the day Jimmy’s disappearance is finally solved.

I love novels that deal with the aftermath of a traumatic event (I Liked My Life was fantastic!) and I’m curious as to how Jimmy’s disappearance – and its closure – has affected these characters.

RECENT READ Cruel Beautiful World was a book I couldn’t stop gushing over! While it’s set against a backdrop of bell bottoms and the Manson Family, its storyline involving a teacher/student romance was very timely.

Overseas by Beatriz Williams
May 2012

I believe this was her first novel (??) and it also seems to be the one readers aren’t as fond of. I’m thinking it’s because there’s a time travel element: Kate is a twenty-something Wall Street analyst who manages to catch the eye of hot shot British billionaire Julian. Julian’s interest in Kate leaves her baffled: she’s bookish and hasn’t dated since college, why on earth would he be interested in her? As it turns out, they have a past. A past that goes way back. Back to WWI when a mysterious American woman saved the life of an injured army Captain.

RECENT READ The Wicked City had it all: flappers, hidden speakeasies, forbidden romance, fresh starts, a potentially haunted apartment building. I couldn’t read fast enough and this summer can’t come soon enough – I need the next book!

Simply Unforgettable by Mary Balogh
March 2005

The Simply Quartet series is set in Regency England and follows four teachers at Miss Martin’s School for Girls. I’m already starry-eyed. In the first book we meet Frances, the music teacher with a past! There’s a terrible snowstorm, a legit caped man who comes to her rescue, and now the two are stranded together at a country inn – and Frances learns her hero is actually the Viscount Sinclair.

This book sounds ridiculous and SO over-the-top and I need it in my life.

RECENT READ A Matter of Class was one of the best books I read in January and it was a completely unexpected pick! Do yourself a favor and don’t read reviews. Go into this novella totally blind – there’s a magnificent twist that I would hate to spoil!


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