weekly wrap-up 1/29

• This past week has been wonderfully laid back and relaxing, which I’ve been taking full advantage of, since this coming week is going to be VERY hectic: I’m starting a new position at work tomorrow but there’s a flurry of get-togethers and dinners with friends that I am so looking forward to.

• Is it just me or do you tend to go on reading binges where you’ll only want to read books from a certain genre or about a specific topic or written by a particular author? I’m currently on a huge non-fiction kick: this week I picked up 10 non-fic books from my library and each one looks better than the last! They’re all super nerdy too – my current read is Richard Conniff’s Spineless Wonders, a book all about invertebrates. The first chapter was devoted to flies and the second, the one I’m on right now, is about leeches..

MISSED SOMETHING THIS WEEK? JP Delaney’s The Girl Before had a movie deal before the book even came out – and Ron Howard is said to be directing. I loved this book a LOT, though it doesn’t bring anything new to the flood of Gone Girl-esque thrillers. Still, it was crazy quick (chapters were a few pages at best) and incredibly intriguing – two women, two years apart, end up renting an unusual house. The architect laid out detailed rules and expected them to be followed. Then the first woman wound up dead. Terrible summary on my part, but I rambled a bit in my review – I REALLY enjoyed this one.

Unfortunately the same can’t be said for Dreadnought by April Daniels. I was rooting for it in the beginning – a transgender superhero! – but this book was just plain terrible.

However, Jane Corry’s debut My Husband’s Wife more than made up for that dud. Another psychological thriller, another happy Leah. This book had a lot going on: a murder trial, an unhappy marriage, unreliable narrators, a little girl who isn’t quite as sweet as she appears, a mysterious death years before, asperger’s, time skips, but it WORKED and I wouldn’t be surprised if this novel appears on all those 2017 Thrillers You Can’t Miss lists.

January was full of highs and lows with my reading. In this mini-review round up it went from one extreme to the other. One FANTASTIC novella, a dud, and two DNFs.

Lastly, in the saturday six I discussed bees, dystopian novels, 5 tips for living a happier life, and more!

A Death in the Dales by Frances Brody
Last month I shared 19 series I wanted to read this winter and one of them was Brody’s Kate Shackleton novels about a WWI widow-turned-amateur detective. Does that sound written for me or what? In this latest novel, the landlord of the local tavern is murdered in plain sight and the only witness is now consumed with guilt – she believes the wrong man may have been convicted. Following her death, it seems the truth will stay hidden forever…until a boy goes missing and Kate uncovers another suspicious death. Thank you, Minotaur!

The Simplicity of Cider by Amy E. Reichert
Earlier this month I spent a week discussing upcoming novels I can’t wait to read. One of those posts was all about contemporary fiction and I mentioned Reichert’s latest novel. I was absolutely delighted when it appeared at my door this week!! This book looks like it’ll be such a fun, fluffy read: a fifth generation cider maker wants nothing more than to live a nice, quiet life on her family’s orchard. A man and his young son have packed up and are on the move, eager for a fresh start. …then he happens to make a pit-stop at the orchard. So looking forward to this one! Thank you, Gallery Books!

The Mother’s Promise by Sally Hepworth
I received an ARC of this one months ago and the finished copy looks beautiful! A single mother is dying, her teenage daughter has crippling social anxiety, and two strangers (a nurse and a social worker) join forces when they’re needed the most. Talk about a heart-wrenching read. Thank you, St. Martin’s Press!

The Night the Lights Went Out by Karen White
This was another novel I mentioned in the post about upcoming contemporary novels I want to read. I adore Karen’s work and was thrilled when I was contacted about participating in the blog tour for this one! A recently divorced woman looks for a new start at life in a tiny town in Georgia. However, her past refuses to stay hidden. Thank you, Berkley Books!

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