the saturday six.

• I’m sure I’ve shared this before, but I love bees. A lot. When Matt and I were house-hunting, my only request was that we have plenty of land (I grew up in a rural farming community where a horse was my backyard neighbor) so that I have my own little apiary. A few years ago Matt surprised me with a beekeeping course but with the craziness that comes with moving, we never got around to doing much of anything bee- or garden-wise and I’m looking forward to the spring! Sadly, for the first time, America has placed a bee on the endangered list. Though this is an older article, it’s still super neat: bees learn while they sleep!

• This article on why open offices are bad is VERY interesting, if not a little nerve-wracking. I recently mentioned I accepted a new position (and starting Monday, eek!) so this article couldn’t come at a better (worse??) time. Though my company doesn’t have an open floor plan, I can certainly see why they would have a negative impact on productivity. At my previous job we were able to move around as we pleased and it definitely made the day fun and far less stressful…but I can also count on one hand the number of conversations that actually dealt with projects we were working on.

• I don’t know how I feel about this: the first genetically modified apple will be available in grocery stores next month. Arctic apples take months to turn brown instead of almost instantly. Also, these apples will not be labeled as a GMO food.

Sales of 1984 are up nearly 10,000%. The book is currently sold out on Amazon (but will be back in stock February 2) and, out of curiosity, I checked my library: both the e-book AND audiobook have waitlists (currently 78 holds for the e-book, 38 for the audio) though it looks like there are a few print copies available.

• um. Matcha honey hot chocolate w/toasted marshmallows. yes.

• Lastly, 5 practices for living a happier, more present life.

4 thoughts on “the saturday six.

  1. I detest open floor plans at work. I also detest cubicles, which count as open floor plans in my book. There is no privacy. The distractions are huge, as you are forced to at least observe every other conversation happening. Plus, it does lead to a lot of time wasted as a result. I wish there was a better solution to them though.

    That being said, good luck on your new position!

  2. I love bees too!! I think it’s becoming a little more eco-trendy to take care of them, so I really, really hope that we can bump them off the endangered list as quickly as possible. <3 Congrats on the new job!

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