weekly wrap-up 1/22

• After being horribly sick last week, I’m thrilled to say I’m feeling SO much better. It’s been a super low key week though, with a lot of time spent preparing for my new job (eek!) though this weekend has been a blast: I absolutely love my group of girls and we make it a point to seriously put in an effort to get together. We had a dinner date and it was wonderful. Tonight looks like it’ll be pretty fantastic too – Matt and I are hosting a taco party for the Steelers game!

• Although 2017 started the year off STRONG book-wise, the past few have been total duds. Like, seriously horrible books. DNFs. Ugh. What’s the last INCREDIBLE book you’ve read??

MISSED SOMETHING THIS WEEK? My love for Beatriz Williams knows no bounds. Her latest novel, The Wicked City was excellent: think Jazz Age, Prohibition, hidden speakeasies. Though I was a little frustrated at the end (several plot points fizzled off to be picked up in the next book #impatient) it was still a really great, vibrant read and I highly recommend it!

In the saturday six I discussed protein powder (Matt surprised me with a box and after a few days I’m in love), Obama’s love of books, Edgar Allan Poe, and more!


A Death by Any Other Name by Tessa Arlen
This is the third novel in Arlen’s Lady Montfort Mystery series, and you all know I love me some cozies! This Edwardian series is perfect for fans of Downton Abbey! In this third book, World War One draws closer as Lady Montfort and her housekeeper Mrs. Jackson investigate a suspicious death of an amateur rose-breeder. Thank you, Minotaur!

Grief Cottage by Gail Godwin
This novel sounded too deliciously gloomy and gothic to pass up: an 11-year-old boy lives with his reclusive great-aunt on a South Carolina island. Fifty years earlier a hurricane tore through, and one family disappeared in the storm, their bodies never recovered. Since then, their cottage has fallen to disrepair and dubbed Grief Cottage. On the days his aunt holes herself away with her paintings, Marcus visits the cottage – and possibly contacting the ghost of the boy who had died all those years before. Thank you, Bloomsbury!

I See You by Clare Mackintosh
Last week in my post about the upcoming mystery novels I can’t wait to read I mentioned I See You and was utterly delighted when a publicist contacted me and sent an e-ARC my way! Zoe is a creature of habit and everyday follows the same routine: she arrives at the train station at the same time every morning, stands in the same spot on the platform, even has a favorite seat on the train. She never realized someone had taken notice of her routine until she notices an ad in the paper. An ad with her picture and an address to a website: FindTheOne.com. Each day a new woman is featured in the ad and, over time, Zoe notices that these women are all victims of horribly violent crimes. Who’s targeting her? Is she next? I’m ecstatic! Thank you, Berkley!


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