the saturday six.

Fun facts about Hercule Poirot! He has an egg-shaped head! His books are arranged by height! One I thought was really interesting was that Poirot is the only fictional character to have an obituary in The New York Times.

• This piece on brain pickings is a few years old, but it’s lovely: A.A. Milne on happiness. Rainy days are my absolute favorite kind of days.

• How did Obama survive 8 years of the White House? With books.

• I’ve been following Alexis’s blog Hummusapien for a while now (her lentil, kale, & potato soup is one of our go-to dinners and like I mentioned before, Matt is not a soup kind of guy!) and she recently posted a recipe for her chocolate gingerbread protein smoothie which, yum, but I discovered that BURT’S BEES MAKES PROTEIN POWDER NOW. After just about losing my mind, what did Matt do? He surprised me by buying a box. ♥ Love him. If you follow me on instagram, I’ve been updating my IG stories with how I’ve been using the powder – yesterday I added it to my breakfast (Greek yogurt, bananas, and chia, super simple but oh so delicious.)

• Earlier this week was Edgar Allan Poe’s birthday and y’all know I’m a huge fan (if you missed it last year I highlighted three lesser-known short stories.) For decades a mysterious figure known as the Poe Toaster would visit his grave and leave a bottle of cognac and roses. No idea knew who this person was and, sadly, his visits abruptly stopped a few years ago (there are rumors that, because it had been going on some 70 years, it was a role passed from father to son and that the man ended up passing) until now. The Maryland Historical Society ended up selecting a new Poe Toaster.

• After yesterday (and I won’t go into my thoughts on it other than I know several people who went down to DC to protest and several more who will be attending the march in Pittsburgh today and I think they are awesome) I need something happy and that happy thing is dronestagram. It’s a site for people to upload photos and videos taken from drones. Absolutely stunning.


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