weekly wrap-up 1/15

• I’ve been sick, sick, sick all week and it’s been terrible. Matt originally caught it and I thought for sure I’d be able to avoid it…but no. I spent all of yesterday alternating between sleeping and cuddling with my pup.

• I mentioned in last week’s wrap-up that I was thinking about compiling my books read in monthly recaps rather than weekly recaps and I’m still liking that idea. For now, just know that I’ve been taking things much slower than last year (though I’m still ahead of my goal by a few books.)

MISSED SOMETHING THIS WEEK? I think this was the first time ever in six years (!!!) that I had a post every day of the week. Yikes! This week reviews took a backseat as I did a little miniseries where I highlighted upcoming novels of 2017 that I can’t wait to read! Monday was all about non-fiction, Tuesday was for sci-fi and fantasy, Wednesday featured contemporary fiction, Thursday I flailed over my favorite genre: historical fiction (though it was basically a list of WWII books oops), and we ended on Friday with mystery and suspense!

I also posted another edition of the saturday six. This week I discussed a new Titanic documentary (claiming the iceberg ISN’T what caused the ship to sink), shared some recipes, linked to an author’s romance novel recommendations, and more!

The Forbidden Garden by Ellen Herrick
“Perfect for fans of Kate Morton” aaaand I’m sold. Sorrel has a gift for gardening and her reputations lands her an exciting new gig: traveling from New England to the English countryside where she’s been tasked with reviving an old Shakespearean garden. This sounds lovely. Thank you, William Morrow!

The Wicked City by Beatrix Williams
I mentioned this one in my round-up of the historical fiction novels I’m excited for and I was lucky enough to dive in early! The Jazz Age, prohibition, a long forgotten basement-slash-speakeasy that, seventy years later, still offers up whispers of glasses clinking and laughter. I’m loving this one so far and Beatriz is an absolute treasure. Thank you, William Morrow!


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