weekly wrap-up 12/11

Sedona played their second show and, again, were awesome. They included a new song in their set and I loved it!!

↠ It’s snowing right now and, to me, that’s perfect baking weather. (my recipe for those power bites is linked below!)

↠ Last week I mentioned my friends and I started a book club and that our first pick was YOU by Caroline Kepnes. We now have our next pick, Sarah Waters’ The Little Stranger. I’m thrilled to finally have an excuse to read her books (despite actually OWNING a few I have never read them!) This one sounds like the perfect Leah read: a doctor lives a quiet life in his family home, a now-crumbling English manor with a weed-filled garden and broken clocks. There are ghosts and a blurb from Stephen King and I am SO EXCITED to settle in with this one!

↠ Yesterday another friend threw a high tea party, fancy dress required (complete with hats)! There were scones, homemade clotted cream, cucumber sandwiches, the whole works. It was an absolute blast!

READING REPORT Last week my total books read for the year was 177 with 121 books written by women, 56 written by men. This week I’m at 182 books read with 124 books written by women, 58 books written by men.

WHAT I FINISHED Nothing like a little murder to get me into the holiday spirit! One day I’d really like to read the Hercule Poirot novels in order, but for now I’m happy picking and choosing at random. Hercule Poirot’s Christmas was fun and quick, though I sort of guessed the reveal. I grabbed a few graphic novels from my library: Ben Hatke’s latest, Mighty Jack (loved) and the latest volume of Chew (by far one of the weakest volumes boooo). It seems like my reading theme for the winter will be books I would have loved as a child, starting with Susan Cooper’s Over Sea Under Stone, the first in the The Dark is Rising series. To my absolute delight, I discovered Alex Jennings does the narration for the audiobook (he was FANTASTIC in The Crown!) and if he narrates the rest of the series I will definitely listen to them instead of picking up physical copies! Lastly, I read an upcoming novel, Susan Rivers’ The Second Mrs. Hockaday, a novel I should have loved but struggled to get through.

WHAT I’M CURRENTLY READING After finishing Over Sea Under Stone I debating whether or not to immediately jump into the second book. Instead a hold I placed was finally in, Ken Liu’s The Grace of Kings, a doorstop of a first book in a high fantasy series. Initially I was a little worried and nearly returned it, but decided to at least listen to a few minutes…and became hooked. It’ll be slow-going with this one, mainly because it’s such a long novel, but I’m already 24% of the way through.

MISSED SOMETHING THIS WEEK? I posted a recipe for my banana walnut honey power bites. Yum!

Crown Duel and Court Duel by Sherwood Smith
Continuing with the books I would have loved as a child, I grabbed Sherwood Smith’s Crown & Court duology. A deathbed promise, intrigue, magic, romance, a coming-of-age fantasy with a kick-butt main character. I cannot wait to sink into these two!


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