November 2016 recap


↠ November started with a bang: on Halloween our street lost power and omg for a second I thought there was going to be some Purge-type thing happening. Thankfully everything was back up November 1, but that was one chilly, dark day.

↠ My brother’s band played their very first show and it was great! Their second one is next week and I’m super excited. Give them a listen: stream their ep!

↠ Matt & I binged The Crown. I loved it and need the next season now thanks. (& in the meantime, can Victoria hurry it up please???)

↠ One weekend Matt decided he wanted to start decorating for the holidays and now our house looks like a winter wonderland haha! I’ve never been one for this time of year, but for some reason, I’m really looking forward to it now :)

↠ One of my favorite boutiques is closing and they’ve been having amazing sales. I scooped up this dress (suede pockets gasp!!) for an awesome price, along with a few others, and my wardrobe has never been happier!

↠ It’s been ages since we went to see a movie, and one day Matt & I decided to see what was playing. We’re both biiiig fans of Dan Brown’s films (I also think his books are a ton of fun) and saw Inferno. On its own it was good, but when compared to the other Robert Langdon movies it’s probably my least favorite.

↠ So if you’re not from Pittsburgh, let me tell you how crazy the weather is around here: this picture of Bay in the snow? Two days earlier it was 74 degrees. Since that one snow, it’s completely melted and as I type this, it’s pouring out. It’s also gone back up to the mid-60s. It’s a wonder how anyone manages to stay healthy!

↠ The end of November is a flurry of food and celebrations in my family. My sister was born on Thanksgiving (though this year her birthday fell this past Monday – I posted a little throwback photo on IG!) and Matt’s birthday is today!

↠ Every Thanksgiving my grandparents head out to Colorado to spend the holiday with my aunt and uncle, so I end up on dogsitting duty ♥ As much as I love Bay, it was so relaxing spending the majority of the week with Myra. Unlike my pup who’s 2 and ALWAYS WANTS TO PLAY!!!!, Myra is perfectly content to take a nap after a good belly scratch. I got a lot of reading done. I also got to snuggle this guy.

↠ I’m still head over heels for historical romance and have been taking full advantage of my library!


AN IMPORT OF INTRIGUE BY MARSHALL RYAN MARESCA is a book that sounds great: a new installment of a fantasy series where a foreign diplomat is murdered and the two least popular constables are sent to get to the bottom of the crime. YES PLEASE! Unfortunately, this novel suffers from Second Book Syndrome and isn’t accessible at all to newcomers. Nothing is explained, made-up terms aren’t defined, there’s no backstory/recap for book one provided. Although this novel personally isn’t for me, I’m sure fans of the first book will have a much easily time reading it!

WITH LOVE FROM THE INSIDE BY ANGELA PISEL is a heartbreaking look into life on Death Row. Seventeen years ago a woman was found guilty of murdering her infant son and, after years of believing she was innocent, her daughter finally became convinced of the evidence and cut all ties, moving away and beginning a new life where no one knows her past. Now that her mother has an execution date, she wants to reconnect with her daughter…just as her daughter stumbles upon a discovery that could change everything. I did have a few unanswered questions, but if you love a good book with a highly controversial topic, look no further.

SWEET SOUTHERN BAD BOY BY MICHELLE SUMMERS is a quick, easy read and came into my life at just the right time. A location scout discovers the perfect spot for a new vampire miniseries, unfortunately, she needs to convince the cranky writer who lives there to allow a film crew to take over his house for a few months. While I enjoyed this one, the actions of two male characters had me seeing red. However, I liked the secondary characters enough that I’m considering picking up the other books in this series.

LOVE, ALICE BY BARBARA DAVIS is a novel that initially sounded like it was written for me, it checked all my boxes of things I love. Sadly, I just couldn’t get over the main character and my review was more of a rant about her than a discussion of the book oops! This book is overly long and SO MUCH could have been cut – I actually think I would have liked it far more if it was just a historical novel, no present day element. As it is, I’d say give this one a pass. If you want a book about a search for a baby given up for adoption decades earlier, there are far, FAR more novels out there.



RECENTLY ADDED a YA retelling, a Jazz Age murder mystery, and (obvs) historical fiction!





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