weekly wrap-up 11/20

↠ So, Pittsburgh weather. Let’s discuss. Friday, the temperature reached 74. Yesterday we had our first snow of the season and today our cars are covered. Ugh.

↠ On Friday a friend and I went to a holiday party thrown by Rosewood, that boutique I keep mentioning. They’re shutting down the business soon and I’m going to be really sad to see them go :(

↠ ALSO on Friday, that same friend and I decided to shop small and shop local this Christmas! I am BEYOND excited and already have a ton of ideas in mind!!

READING REPORT Last week my total books read for the year was 168 with 115 books written by women, 53 written by men. Today I’m at 170 books read with a new tally for both sides: 116 books by women, 54 by men.

WHAT I FINISHED The third volume of Cullen Bunn’s Harrow County came in at the library and I read it immediately. If you’re into the supernatural AND historical (this one takes place in the 1920s) check it out! Though I definitely feel this volume wasn’t as great as the previous two, I still enjoyed it and look forward to the next. I also am seriously trying to make an effort to stay on top of my 2017 ARCs for once! I tore through Kasie West’s By Your Side, a contemporary YA about a girl who winds up locked inside the town library over the weekend…along with the local bad boy. OOOOOH!! I liked this one a lot, but was really shocked by how not fluffy it was! It dealt with some seriously heavy topics (anxiety disorders and panic attacks, abusive home life and foster care).

CURRENTLY READING Over the summer, a former coworker and I discovered a mystery series by Elly Griffiths that sounded as though it was written for us. The main character is an archaeologist living along the English coast. In the first novel, The Crossing Places, Ruth is called in after the police discover a child’s bones. Initially they think it’s the remains of a little girl who went missing ten years ago…until testing determines the bones are actually 2,000 years old and from the Iron Age. I’m listening to this one on audio and am REALLY loving it! I have no idea why I picked up Gemina, since I was NOT a fan of the first book, but there you go. For what it’s worth I’m having a much better time with this one. I had planned on finishing Sweet Southern Bad Boy by Michelle Summers before making this post, since I’m SO CLOSE to the end, but I was lazy this morning! That said, I’ll be finishing it ASAP.

MISSED SOMETHING THIS WEEK? Books took a backseat on the blog this week as I shared 8 pairs of booties I’m obsessing over and shared our November BarkBox unboxing.


I Found You by Lisa Jewell
In a British seaside town, a single mother comes across a man walking on the beach. He’s confused and disoriented, doesn’t know his name or how he wound up there, and against her better judgement she invites him back to her house. Over in London, a young woman has only been married three weeks when her husband fails to come home…and the police tell her the man she married never existed. Two decades earlier, a family is on a summer vacation when a young man begins paying attention to one of the teens. A novel about 20 years of secrets – and comparisons to Liane Moriarty aren’t hurting this one in my eyes! I’ve only read one book of Jewell’s, The Third Wife, and was so on board until the sitcom-y ending – though longtime readers mentioned that one was her weakest novel. But this new one sounds fantastic and I’m looking forward to diving in! Thank you, Atria!

The Most Beautiful Woman in Florence by Alyssa Palombo
15th Century Italy, the Medici family is in full power, and a young painter named Sandro Botticelli asks a woman to pose for his latest work, The Birth of Venus. I adore Alyssa. Not only is she super sweet and friendly, but she’s been a regular #HistoricalFix chatter since the beginning AND our first #BookClubFix pick was her debut, The Violinist of Venice, a chunkster of a book that I read IN A SINGLE SITTING. Now that the snow has started (ew) I’m looking forward to a yucky, dreary day where I can curl up with this one! Thank you, St. Martin’s Griffin!

The Good Daughter by Alexandra Burt
What if YOU were the worst crime your mother ever committed? Aaaaaand sold! A woman whose childhood memories consists of days spent in cars, seedy motels, and traveling the country. Now that she’s grown, she wants to distance herself from the past, but first she needs answers. I’m definitely intrigued, though early reviews have me nervous: readers either love this one or they hate it. Eep! *GoodReads is currently doing a giveaway for a copy! Thank you, Berkley!

The Second Mrs. Hockaday by Susan Rivers
Major Hockaday is called to the front lines of the Civil War and leaves his young bride to watch over the farm and their infant son. Two years later, the major returns to discover his wife is headed to jail, accused of having a baby with another man and then killing it. But what really happened in the years he was off fighting? This book is told through journal and diary entries, letters, and court inquests! Thank you, Algonquin Books!

The Wingsnatchers by Sarah Jean Horwitz
Felix is a magician’s apprentice who would rather spend his time with his inventions than performing on stage. But with Antoine the Amazifier’s show clearly coming to an end, Felix is determined to win a hefty cash prize in a popular magic competition. Luckily for him, he meets a faerie princess and they strike a deal: she’ll give his experiments a little boost if he helps her investigate a sudden string if faerie disappearances. Definitely sounds like this one is on the younger end of Middle Grade, but the cover is lovely and there are faeries! And magic! And mechanics! Thank you, Algonquin Young Readers

2 thoughts on “weekly wrap-up 11/20

  1. Oooooh! I’ve been reading a lot of mystery novels and historical fiction novels this year, so The Crossing Places definitely has me intrigued. (I mean, I know the Ruth Galloway series isn’t quite historical fiction, but it does have an element of history nonetheless). Thank you for putting this on my radar!

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