November BarkBox unboxing!

Every month I turn the blog over to Bay as we do our BarkBox unboxings! For those of you who are new to BarkBox, it’s a monthly subscription box for your pup! The boxes come in three sizes according to your dog’s weight (although since Bay is a heavy chewer I go for the largest size – 50lbs+) and there are even allergy-free boxes for those pups with sensitive tummies. Also, for an additional $9 a month, you can include a premium toy.

The best part of BarkBox though, is that they work with over 3,000 shelters and charities across the US and Canada!

This month’s box marks our 8th box and the theme is Turkey Day ♥ too cute! I completely forgot to post about September’s (school days) and October’s (Halloween) boxes, but our past unboxings can all be found on the blog: New York, Country Fair, The Great Outdoors, the Olympics, and California Droolin’.


Nana’s Leftover Sammy $12
YUM! I know I’m not the only one who uses the Thanksgiving leftovers to make sandwiches and now Bay can have one too. This toy includes a squeaker and Bay is ALL about squeaky toys.

Pepper’s Pumpkin Pie $8 ($9 for heavy chewers!)
Another adorable toy (and another that is making me SERIOUSLY impatient for next week!!) with a squeaker.

Lick the Chef Apron $10 premium toy
There’s a smaller size available as well for $8. With squeakers and rope, this one is sure to get a TON of attention from Bay! (I’m not sure if you can tell from the picture or not, but we received this box yesterday afternoon and already she’s managed to chew through the rope a bit. I have a feeling this one won’t last long.)

Pumpkin Cheese Yums $7
These treats are gluten-free AND vegetarian! They’re made with real cheese, potatoes, rice, and flaxseed. Bay doesn’t seem to like these as much as her other treats though :(!

Turkey Cranberry Trainers $7
Another gluten-free treat. I LOVE when BarkBox throws in little treats like these trainers. They’re the perfect size for Kongs! I’ll thrown in a few with a big glob of peanut butter and Bay’s a happy camper when Matt and I aren’t home.

Knuckle Slice $4
All natural, American beef that’s hand-cut and slow-roasted for three days. The seasoning has been sprinkling off and getting all over the floor, blankets, wherever Bay brings this.


I feel like I repeat myself every month: the themes are beyond adorable and Bay always gets SO excited when our mailman delivers her box and the $49 value is great…BUT. Already the rope on the apron is beginning to fray – and we just got the box YESTERDAY. The ONLY reason the pie and sandwich haven’t been chewed through yet (and, believe me, they’ll end up destroyed) is because Bay has other toys scattered throughout the house. We’ve had boxes where she managed to chew through the toys in less than 2 hours.

A friend was asking me last night if I would recommend BarkBox and I had to pause for a moment. On the one hand, they do AMAZING work and each box is adorable…but the cost just isn’t worth it. Unless your dog is NOT a chewer or is itty-bitty I honestly don’t think the price is worth it. I can’t bring myself to cancel our subscription because I’m a total sucker for Bay’s puppy eyes and she gets so, so excited when we open each month’s box.

I had once filled out a BarkBox survey and at the end suggested they look into a treats only subscription. I would EASILY recommend that and would gladly sign up! The treats are always fantastic and last us the entire month until our next box.


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