weekly wrap-up 11/13

↠ We have our Christmas tree up what. Okay, a little backstory: I am not a fan of the holidays and haven’t been since childhood. I just don’t get into the holiday spirit. At all. For some odd reason, however, this year I am SO ready. The second he put up our tree I immediately began decorating it and when I did a Target run earlier in the week (that’s where I grabbed this PERFECT basket for Bay’s toys!) I couldn’t help but grab a few Christmas-y decorations.

↠ I’ve mentioned before about how my favorite boutique is going out of business. They’ve been doing sales for a few weeks now and the last time I went I grabbed this ADORABLE dress. Navy stripes, suede pockets, perfection ♥

↠ I am SO excited that Matt likes brussels sprouts because earlier in the week I came across a recipe for roasted brussels sprouts with bacon and maple pecans and I need them in my life. Now.

NovellyYours is taking a little break right now while Brittany is in Salem (no YOU’RE jealous) so you aren’t able to currently purchase any candles but she recently had a limited run of the Fred & George scent. I IMMEDIATELY swooped in and bought one and man oh man it smells incredible. Fudge, sugar, toasted marshmallow, smoke. Our house has an open floor plan on our first floor and last night I had this candle lit. It was in the living room and you could smell it throughout the entire first floor! I’ve purchased other scents from her shop and they have all been excellent, but this one is seriously special.

↠ Yesterday Matt and I went to see Inferno! I’m actually a really big fan of Dan Brown’s books, and like the movies a lot so I was pumped. While Inferno was good as a standalone film, I didn’t like it when compared to the other Robert Langdon movies. Still, Dante, the levels of hell, a crazy billionaire who develops a Black Death-type virus that’ll wipe out half the population…what’s not to love!

READING REPORT Last week I was at 164 books for the year with 112having been written by women and 52 written by men. Today I’m at 168 books for the year with 115 books written by women, 53 written by men.

WHAT I FINISHED You all know how much I love my girl Agatha Christie. I listened to the audio (read by Hugh Fraser!!) of The Mysterious Affair at Styles, the first Hercule Poirot novel! After reading Lisa Gardner’s Find Her last month (and LOVING it) I’ve been craving more of her work. I swear publicists are psychic because I was contacted about a short story, The 4th Man. Quick and entertaining and my mini review will be up in December! Continuing with the 2017 ARCs (I have never been this on the ball before!) I read Allan Wolf’s Who Killed Christopher Goodman?, a novel inspired by the real life murder of a classmate in high school and Elise Gravel’s Olga and the Smelly Thing from Nowhere, a Wimpy Kid-esque novel about a girl who discovers a really strange, really smelly creature.

WHAT I’M CURRENTLY READING After recently becoming OBSESSED with historical romance I’ve been on the hunt for more books by Eloisa James. While stopping by my library one day, I came across her latest novel, My American Duchess and grabbed it. I’m struggling to get through it though and I have no idea why. It’s not a bad book at all, but I just can’t stay focused right now. Let’s blame the election ugh.

MISSED SOMETHING THIS WEEK? Angela Pisel’s With Love from the Inside was a really thought-provoking, incredibly heartbreaking look into the life of a woman on death row and the estranged daughter who wants to make amends. Grace was convicted of killing her infant son though she swore she was innocent. Seventeen years later she now has an execution date…just as her daughter uncovers a piece of evidence that might prove her mother truly is innocent. I also quickly threw together a new edition of recently added that includes a Civil War novel, a Phantom of the Opera retelling, and a Jazz Age murder mystery.


Everything Love Is by Claire King
A man who has devoted his life to other people’s happiness struggles with his own. Orphaned as a baby, the only clues as to his mother’s identity are a violin, a wooden statue, and the memory of a word inked on her arm. Sophie is a waitress at the local bar and is determined to help Baptiste get his life back on track, he deserves to be happy and reclaim the passion for life he once had. Apart from this I know nothing about the book but that cover is gorgeous, isn’t it? Thank you, Bloomsbury!

Long May She Reign by Rhiannon Thomas
I haven’t read Rhiannon’s other books, but this one sounded too good to pass up: a girl crazy far down in the line of succession suddenly finds herself heir to the throne after a deadly banquet poisoned those in line ahead of her. Early reviews say this is more murder mystery than anything else and HELLO this is basically calling my name. Thank you, HarperTeen!

Hunted by Meagan Spooner
A Beauty and the Beast retelling where the girl is a deadly huntress. UM YES PLEASE. Thank you, HarperTeen!

By Your Side by Kasie West
1. It’s Kasie West. 2. Two students find themselves locked inside a library all weekend. YAS. Thank you, HarperTeen!


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